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  1. It did come at an interesting stage in Madonna's career. It was a rather quiet period in her career although both the film and the song were very successful. But nobody was quite prepared for the Erotica/Sex onslaught that would come only a few months later.
  2. The artwork is stunning and the little promo for it made it seem like it was going to be the best compilation ever. But it is all over the place with the tracklisting and. as mentioned before, the edits and mastering are annoying, especially for the long-time fans who know what they should sound like. It should have been a massive box set with the option of a two-disc highlights disc but in chronological order. It seemed that both Madonna and Warner did not have any enthusiasm for this project and it shows.
  3. I agree with you. I love the version of WTG but it doesn't seem to go over with the audience because it's completely stripped down. I think if she played it more like the original following La Isla Bonita, I think it would get a big reaction but I know M likes to mix things up. But yes, the medley is such a highlight. It works so well. A true reinvention of some classics.
  4. 1994 she had three big hits in a row "I'll Remember", "Secret" and "Take a Bow". "Bedtime Story" and "Human Nature" were definitely not safe choices for singles because they didn't have the same appeal to radio listeners, in my opinion. The songs had incredible videos - probably two that rank up there with her best - but not popular enough to push them into the Top 40. Also, despite having enjoyed three big hits, the public was still cautious about Madonna following the Sex/Erotica era. They still liked her music but I don't think the public in general was on board with her more risk-taking singles choices. They still enjoyed her catchy songs and I'll Remember and Take a Bow definitely were catchy and radio-friendly; BS and HN weren't as radio-friendly.
  5. Yeah, especially back in the '80s, labels were very possessive and territorial of artists. Apparently Chaka Khan sang on Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love but Warner wouldn't allow it to be released because he was on Island Records. And movie songs can be a pain to license (look at the number of films and TV shows unreleased on DVD/blu-ray because of licensing issues). The film "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" (a.k.a. an inspiration for the "Bad Girl" video) has many songs that are difficult to license which may the reason the film has never been released on DVD. Design of a Decade was such a strange greatest hits package. Some artists resort to using live versions of songs if they are not able to license the original.
  6. It was such an amazing time. 1990 was truly her greatest year in my opinion (and she's had many great years). But 1990 was special. The Blond Ambition Tour, Vogue, and TIC were all iconic and transcendent. The Justify My Love controversy just made her even more exciting (and bad-ass).
  7. The crowd on the second night was crazy. There was a guy beside me (with the top hat) screaming "Madonna, you are my queeeeeen!" I think he eventually was kicked out or he was told to be quiet lol Toronto is very unpredictable. We can be reserved but then we can surprise you....
  8. For a lot of us, this was our first time seeing a more adult and risqué Madonna. Sure there were hints and signs before but Blond Ambition really took Madonna to a different level as an artist and icon, and this version of Like a Virgin was integral to that shift.
  9. I've always been fascinated by this too. I mean, I have a good job but I could never afford these shows. One is already too much at top price lol This definitely would be an interesting news item. I have been to many concerts but rarely any that close.
  10. Would you even see her? Isn't she just roped into a VIP section while her peasants wait outside hoping for a glimpse of her? (Sorry, I don't go to these type of events so I'm not sure).
  11. Wow! I saw that pic when she posted it. I love it. Congrats! I love it when celebrities use our pics or quote us. I remember Anderson Cooper read one of my tweets on air. It does feel amazing. But Madonna using your pic - that is a whole other level of awesome!
  12. This is actually the one song I have seen Madonna perform live each tour. It's a tough choice but I think I would have go to with Rebel Heart because for me it's the point in the show when the concert turns into a party and she brings everyone together by using all of the stages and it's the first point in the show when she comes to the end of the heart.
  13. I think this is still a physically demanding tour. And if I'm not mistaken, this is one of her longest shows, especially when she adds Ghosttown. She has so much energy regardless of the choreography. I actually love the Rebel Heart tour because of the balance of dance songs with ballads. I like it when she slows things down and talks to the audience and sings a ballad. There is nothing like the connection between Madonna and her fans at a live concert.
  14. My friend and I were saying today that we're still swooning over the show. I was on such a high for 2+ hours that everything after feels so underwhelming. haha
  15. The last two shows I saw, interestingly, were U2 and Madonna (Live Nation and Guy O connection) and both shows had long catwalks that I generally don't see in concerts. I've always wondered how costly these are and how much more they add to the cost of the overall show. I'm glad Madonna continues to use catwalks in her shows. I remember the Girlie Show catwalk was a big thing when she toured that show and it was nowhere near as big as the RH catwalk.
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