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  1. according to some rumors, DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio also remixed the song
  2. https://open.spotify.com/album/7v2PNdxthB9Z5TBIMVLuPK crave remix pt.2 is out now!
  3. hope this will at least push the sales just a little bit
  4. damn that really sucks. It could have helped her beat Bruce
  5. does that means the majority of people who bought the tickets didn't redeem the cds? 15 dates at the london palladium (2286 seats according to wiki) should have a maximum of 34290 tickets
  6. the song is added to new music friday playlist on spotify
  7. Madonna on the NME cover this week





  8. 1. Medellin 2. Come alive 3. looking for mercy 4. God Control 5. Crave
  9. Went to the target near where I live bruce still has a couple of copies on the shelf but the entire row of Madame x are GONE!!!!!
  10. same. Pitchfork hates her recent albums. HC 5.3 MDNA 4.5 (understandable lol) RH 5.1 Even COADF only has 6.2 I just hope madame x can get at least 6.
  11. Cuz it's Mirwais. Just like the whole music album. It's his style
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