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  1. My new holy trinity. Madame X is the daughter of American Life and Ray of Light. It's a great journey from 'I took a pill and had a dream...' to 'we'll rise up, we can get it together'
  2. Looking for Mercy is easily one of my favorites. the lyrics are full Madonna. It's so haunting.
  3. GUYS. I'm not sure if I'm reaching ,but Madonna is playing THE HOLY DEATH in the video. First, on the close up, her eyes doesn't look blue. Second, Clearly on the panoramic shot with the other women she looks way more pale than the rest. Even skull-ish. And it makes sense, as she's only being a witness to mykki's death. SO YEAH. SHE AIN'T PLAYING THIS TIME. IT'S HER WAY OF SAYING SHE'S ABOVE LIFE. OH MY GOD.
  4. Dark Ballet is giving me what i was expecting from Madame X. I just listened the song and i'm in awe. that final 30 second coda. wow.
  5. So Madonna will be playing a secret agent around the world?
  6. And the cage is moved to the front just before the 'i want to star a revolution' It can be seen around the 2:35 mark https://youtu.be/gydxBTC6Pg0?t=2m35s (oh hi, this is my first post)
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