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  1. Does anyone know when official remix is released?
  2. Is this official remix? Sounds good
  3. God Control Batuka Extreme Occident Medellin Killers
  4. What pain you must have endured during the MDNA album era.
  5. I should have said for me, it was the first song I fell for but now others have taken the place as my favorites.
  6. God Control Medellin Batuka Killers Extreme Occident
  7. Crazy is the first song to love and first song to get slightly bored off. Still great song.
  8. Great news, now God Control remixes please.
  9. It has much better chance than I Rise, I dont know why they insist on I Rise being an anthem, it is an ok/good song with mostly terrible remixes.
  10. This edit is a total disaster. That abrupt edit is so not professionally done.
  11. I'm was just disappointed she said HC aged terribly as I think it has aged quite well compared to for example MDNA, and I am so tired of the concept "outdated". So when she reviews Bedtime stories she's gonna say it sounds so 90's and that True Blue sound so 80's?, those albums are children if their time.
  12. I tricked you into watching her? Well I am sorry about that and I wasnt the first one to mention her nor did I recommend her, I said she was funny. I agree with you it is sad any idiot can rewiev any artist. But mostly I think these "listening and review" things in general are stupid as one needs to listen to the album more than ones to get it. And after her disinterest in Hard Candy I actually have no interest in watching her again, I thought her distaste for MDNA was appropriate, especially following her love for RH but after HC she irritated me to the point of no more..
  13. I saw the videos, she is hilarious and I agreed with what she said about MDNA, it really is TERRIBLE but she loved RH. Wished she would have liked MX more
  14. I listen to the album 1-2 times a day and never get tired of it. I could not do that with Rebel Heart even though I liked it. I put RH on yesterday just to rest MX but found my self a bit bored with a lot of the tracks, there is a certain "flatness" or serility to RH, wheres MX is so alive and screems freedom. RH is good but a bit unexciting at parts
  15. What do you guys think of the Rebel Heart tour DVD? Why is there no Take A Bow? ☺☺
  16. It is supposee to be an upbeat mix, yet it feels like it is slowing down the song, not good, and it is just dragging. Sorry but I think another song should have been selected.
  17. But seriously, I want to know you feel about the album... highlights, possible lows etc.
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