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  1. That really failed then. It looks more video than film.
  2. She stopped teasing us on her instagram, I hope she shows us something more
  3. But why only live performances were muted
  4. Thank you. It is interesting that they are only deleting TAB from the rour and not older perfoemances and videos.
  5. Sorry but what is vevo? 😍
  6. So beautiful. I hope this song makes it to the DVD and not just as an extra but part of the tour film.
  7. Why in the world doesnt she release RIT, it has been edited and even menus created years ago, it would be so easy to do now.
  8. But TAB is the only song from the tour muted. I wonder why
  9. Woops I am in the wrong tour 😊
  10. I wonder if WTG makes it to the DVD version of the tour film since she skipped it in Sidney were they had all those fancy cameras.
  11. I like it too. I always assumed it was the DVD cover too.
  12. She did but TOD and other non BAT stuff. Dont know if it was the Paris BAT footage or just TOD
  13. There is no way to do that heavy editing if they have lost the films. Best we can hope for is the Nice show like it appeared on the laser disc but probably that will not even happen.
  14. I am so curious to know if setlist of the released film will be the same as the showtime one. I winder if the press release will show that. I just need Take A Bow or Who's That Girl or even Ghosttown between Dress You Up and Rebel Heart. At least one should be there. I hope these additional songs wont All be dumped as extras.