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  1. 1. RHT 2. DWT 3. CT 4. S&S 5. RIT
  2. Take A Bow Power of Goodbye Frozen Love profusion Nothing fails
  3. Did I miss something, she was talking about her kids and skun products...
  4. Rank the BA tours

    No one ☺
  5. Rank the BA tours

    Only those that were taped or released in full, I know paris is the best. Small comment one each is very welcome. Here is mine: 1. Japan: Iconic ponytail, tight choreo, great vocals and fun show. Liked her mood like this, not so aggressive as in europe. Funny causing a commotion banter. Not overlit. Interesting camera angle inside the structure in Express yourself with the dancer. Alot of close ups. Wind gave it some nice effect actually, though it hurt the lighting a bit. Mostly miss the curtains. Best picture quality on DVD availabe or downloads. Polite fans, lol, dont mind them. Their culrure. 2. Nice: more energy in choreo, relaxed attitude and more improvised but fantastic show. Musicians have added interesting important parts in the song. Good taping and editing. Too many and colored lights and her voice is off tune alot. Picture quality not as crisp as Japan, even on the best of best. 3: Spain: just commical, one mistake after another and she is in a pissy mood. Worst taping and camera angles ever, just Vogue for exampe, chorus gives us audience shot? Light also too much and hate her afro hair. Still best concert ever.
  6. 1. BAT 2. CT 3. RHT 4. VT 5. MDNA 6. WTGT 7. GS
  7. The looped audience noice makes MDNA live album unlistenable.
  8. Holiday from the tours ranked

    1. BAT 2. RHT 3. DWT 4. VT 5. WTGT 6. GS 7. RIT
  9. 1. RHT 2. GS 3. WTGT 4. DWT 5. CT 6. S&S
  10. rate the tours

    For me MDNA was very soulless and mechanical, but yes, it was visually stunning, but musically rather boring for me.
  11. Vogue from the tours ranked

  12. Vogue from the tours ranked

    I am so surprised how few have BAT Vogue as number one, it is the original dance moves that are one of the most iconic dance moves in history of music. I knew the moves when I was 12 years old. Bat Vogue should be no.1.
  13. Yes it is, but it is really well done and her live backing vocalist make it sound even more live, in lisbon you can see when she is a little late when moving the microphone to her mouth but the vocals start loudly anyway, it is obviously mimed if you pay close attention. The lyric thing is because she would have felt stupid singing Im too young.
  14. rate the tours

    It seems more popular than MDNA for non-hard-core fans.