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  1. I wonder why madonna cut it for the showtime and kept all 3 interludes
  2. I thought it was something from the DVD and got all excited. I hope this sing is in the final cut. So beautiful.
  3. Isnt that gay party coming up? They said they would show TOAC? Do you think they will just show the showtime version.
  4. I just think the setlist is a bit short, only 15 song, not including interl. I just wish there would have been more songs from the Erotica album. I agree that Like A Prayer has no place in GS.
  5. I wouldnt use the word Iconic either. Bat and Confessions are more iconic. Girlie Show has high artistic quality and is very one of a kind show. I have always seen GS and DWT as her most avant garde tours.
  6. Poor Sticky
  7. Well she does that allot
  8. I thought as much
  9. Will you judge me harshly if I say I didnt like that military performance of Holiday at all? 😊
  10. Actually I have only seen it once years ago. I guess I should give it another watch. I love 80's music so this one shouldnt be on the bottom I guess. Its easier to choose the favorite tours than the ones lower on the list as all of her tours are so good. I wish it existed in full.
  11. I know this has probably been done many times but I dont see a recent thread about it so lets rate the tours from best to least-best 😊😊😊 here is mine: BAT RHT CT MDNA RIT S&S DWT GS WTG VT
  12. There was someone here who said the inhouse version of nice was bad because i saw one called blond ambition nice in-house (remastered audio) it was 4.8 GB and it was great quality. Buch better than those aweful torrent rips of the laser disc. It looked like they did something to the picture because the sharpness was increased a bit and brightness reduced a little. It looked good in my opinion, and remember I am never satisfied.