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  1. Why nothing on amazon.com
  2. rate the tours

    I should have made a poll. Poor sticky, fans seem to not love that one much, ironic since it is her highest grossing tour
  3. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    It is one ugly outfit and annoying segment.
  4. Ok that makes more sense ☺
  5. It is from Truth or Dare
  6. There was only one this time, Pono or something. I thought almost all of her BAT dancers were very attractive
  7. Live at sydney? Lol
  8. Re-Invention World Tour: Favorite performances?

    BAT had a super good band
  9. I HATE her guitar performances. All she does is shout: I CANT HEAR YOU or I DONT SEE YOU JUMPING, EVERYBODY JUMP. So annoying. She needs to retire those guitar acts. I like it more when she plays the classical guitar.
  10. What does this have to do with the DVD?
  11. I loved the Hard Candy album, I liked the Sticky and Sweet tour but I hated that rock version of Hung Up, terrible way to treat that song.
  12. Yeah I didn't make them, Roman did, he is well known on various Madonna facebook groups were he posts his stuff all the time. I just loved that RHT design and thought of it in case the DVD is delayed to enternity. He made this BAT cover.
  13. This cover borrows two of the best fan made covers that have been made.
  14. We will see soon