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  1. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    I have never heard one of her Flopanne songs here in Germany (radio, TV, public places). The only time I remember she was mentioned was on a radio show when someone talked about her "new smash album". And then they played Pokerface afterwards and that was it.
  2. Get Together Nothing Really Matters and/or Sky Fits Heaven full performances of Frozen and/or Open Your Heart Crazy For You Rain and/or Love Tried to Welcome Me
  3. This interview always makes me think of the Mad TV clip.
  4. So that's what the crowd looks like when the "gay anthem of the century" is performed right in front of them?
  5. I'm with you! No Re-Invention of OYH came even close to the legendary 80s pop tune. Would love see it!
  6. The pics in this thread are priceless, especially "Regurgitation".
  7. What a horrible "live" performance. She and Ed fit together very well. None of them has any stage presence or charisma.
  8. I still haven't heard "The Cure" at all. This song doesn't exist in the real world. Just like her and her career.
  9. According to what my relatives told me, the fall of the Berlin Wall was by far the most influential and powerful political event of their life. And there was a feeling of unity and power that has never been there before or after. When I was a little kid in the nineties (I was born in 1991 and my family lived in former East Germany), I never understood what all this was about. And later when I knew what happened I still didnt really understand why so many years later, people still have walls in their heads and some still said things like "my neighbour spent their holidays in West Germany", when we were already in the 2000s.
  10. I don't know what she was thinking... "I'll prove I'm so much different than Madonna, by ripping off her documentary and make my own pathetic version." Well not that I've seen it (or ever will) but according to what's written here and what I've heard from it (and with common sense) it has to be absolutely try-hard and pathetic.
  11. I don't care if she lies or fakes things, because she's pretty built her entire career around it. But what really baffles me is how people can still be a fan of her and even consider her brave and fierce and all that shit. Is it so hard to spend five minutes at what this "icon" has said to notice that things don't really add up? I don't get how people can be so stupid to buy all of that nonsense.
  12. Get Together

    All of that. I hope she remembers one of her Confessions singles (besides HU) for her next tour.