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  1. is she a madonna stan? i heard she said some bad things about the queen a while ago. why she says she still loves the queen? she flips a lot?
  2. yes ghosttown is winning by miles!!!! the song needs its attention for this dvd.
  3. true but my little wishful thinking because she is that good.
  4. i hope they are as enthusiastic as Montreal, LA and NY. she will come back to the states next year . great.
  5. rebel heart is doing good in germany. im wondering how germans would react to this tour. i cant wait for the european opening in colon.
  6. omg i love her job too LOLOL. look at his tight ass LOLOL she can touch gorgeous dancers ass LOLOL
  7. did she really change her hair dresser and makeup artist? is that true? its really working. looks incredible
  8. Really interesting to see what europeans will think of the show.
  9. I wish she could do more. We never know she will do in the future like this.
  10. Not exactly. Lots of dates are in arena. Expensive prices and stadiums dates are helping. But not an entirely stadium tour.
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