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  2. Are there charts that. Would state her songs with most radio airplay weekly? Would love to see a madonna royalty check from Past hits !
  3. Is it on Netflix USA?
  4. Any show that has I'm going bananas instead of her current single could never be iconic !! Beginning of TrollDonna and picking setlists
  5. Ugh this and WAITING SHOULD HAVE BEEN SINGLES. Over fever bad girl and bye bye baby smh
  6. My like a prayer vinyl still has the scent lightly it's on eBay too .... check these out !!! Wonder why they are so expensive
  7. Congrats M it's such a beautiful thing to give life to a child who otherwise wouldn't have a great one ... I am adopting a babygirl currently and it's so rewarding
  8. lol I hope your joking ! But if you want to take mine in just go to my eBay page lol ! seller:mrk1ngb33 i still have a lot just got the Rain maxi single vinyl with the waiting remix on it. One of my faves ❤👍🏽 And this shirt have You all seen it 🙌
  9. Anyone have any info on this ? I've aquired a ray of light and it has TO HAVE AND NOT TO HAVE instead of TO HAVE AND NOT TO HOLD LOL ... a rare misprint??? I'm putting it on eBay
  10. Very interesting read from @Sloane in other news I just got my hands on the RED FEVER DJ VINYLS :) and an unopened 1990 immaculate collection.i really want CELEBRATION... I do find it odd that the first 3 albums u can find cheaper than there re release counterparts tho ??
  11. I've recently become a madonna vinyl junkie.... i aquired a lot of old vinyl Lps and some even still sealed! QUESTION for the collectors out there - do re-releases like all the ones as of late make the price on the original go up or down ? Is there anywhere also that lists prices on her vinyls other than eBay ? Pics are just some in my collection
  12. I have a BRAND NEW unopened original pressing of the 1990 vinyl. Still sealed I'm selling for $100 bux if anyone is interested message me !!! I have PayPal
  13. Ugh U just got everyone's panties in a bunch u know everyone wants This released u playin wit our emotions smokey
  14. I have the original bought on eBay last year for like 80 bux .... ugh wish I'd have wAited now :( i collect vinyl but may have to pass this one up since I got the original but damn this looks good, would certainly appreciate this as a gift hint hint
  15. How is human nature the new song of life doingon iTunes? We need to get this to the billboard charts! Everyone go purchase or stream it !