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  1. Extreme occidental and killers who are partying should have been the bonus tracks instead of this and back that up to the beat.
  2. Crazy bitch I’m loca faz gostoso back that up to the beat Medellín (Sak Noel Remix)
  3. I like swae lees part on the MNEK remix RIDE ME LIKE A WAAAAVE
  4. I feel the eXact same. Too many haters
  5. Who knows u don’t have a pic of yourself in your avi so u prolly are. No biggie just listen to dark ballet and call it a day girl. Move on now - nothing to see here
  6. And your still quoting me ! Leave it alone - if you all can bitch and moan about bitch I’m loca and Faz Gostoso I can do the same about extreme occident and looking for mercy. They aren’t my cup of tea - sorry if anyone thinks that’s ageist. Move along and pls don’t quote me anymore cuz u girls all complain too much
  7. I want to know what the exclusives are Madame X is a cashier also. Lol would love to see that - can u imagine
  8. A regular member ? Am I not a regular member ? He started with me and no one is being ageist - stay the fuck out of business that ain’t yours. I simply said some older fans won’t get the newer sounding club bangers if u want to call it ageist go ahead I really don’t care. I can have an opinion just like u girl. Now run Along and leave me be to the real club bangers of the album thx !
  9. Who is really complaining about maluma tho ? I think we all established we all are in lust with him so it’s all good he and M have undeniable chemistry !!!
  10. R u confused ? Wait let me just stop cuz some of y’all jump into places u shouldn’t be and I don’t want to keep this going.
  11. Show your face and learn a bit. Wrinkles much ? Stop coming for me u troll. Talk about the album and get off my nuts already. No one was being ageist wtf I said certain ages like different type of songs. Sue me for telling the truth. Bitch I’m loca >>>>extreme accident
  12. I agreee 100% her management dropped the ball on making her more of a presence in streaming
  13. Frank ocean went to his pop up in nyc would be cool if M did
  14. All 3 - they have undeniable chemistry. Where do u want me to put it ?
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