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  1. Lil Kim is and will always be the Queen ....I like nicki but mostly due to the fact she is a kim clone I Love cardi b but she's nothing like Nicki. She's carved her way in this game and she's been around for awhile. If you watch Love and hip Hop she been on her grind. Glad to see her finally get her shine. and another female rapper in general get her shine.
  2. Im Late but Happy Bday M! This video won me PIT tickets to MDNA in Phoenix. I know ppl are losing their shit cuz Madonna sang BDAY SONG LoL I still like it it... it is what it is ... its not serious
  3. Survival Sample in New Hip Hop Song

    lol I reposted this on my SoundCloud I like it
  4. Can i see her ???

    Y'all are so mean. I'm rolling at this thread tho 😂
  5. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    Ugh I wish I was in NYC to see his show someone see me tickets !
  6. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I need confessions still so it's not mixed on the vinyl ?
  7. HOLY TRINITY | Madonna

    BORDERLINE PHYSICAL ATTRACTION *ugh 3rd is Hard- out of Holiday and Lucky Star ... Id Say Holiday is the more Dance Floor Classic
  8. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    Why thank you !!! Just got me a revolver ! Why MDNA and Hard Candy so expensive !?!?!
  9. MADONNA REWIND: the "American Life" rap

    The Missy American DREAM remix of American Life REALLY highlights The rap and the beat is so Dope. The video should have been the Missy Mix. I love this track
  10. Supposed Singles ?

    Yes I've heard survival got reworked due to this but not DONT STOP ? I'll have to look for that one !
  11. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    SO I know I said I would get around to posting this eventually My Vinyl M Collection ... So here it is... Kinda Pricey
  12. Omfg she did 4 minutes ! Song of life !!! And someone said she did GT I ALMOST CAME thinking it was Get together. What a great set list tho. Would have preferred Get together ! And yes whoever said they are ready for a greatest hits tour - well I think the time IS NOW !!!! Do it M please your fans who went thru girlie show - confessions tours deserve some HITS !!!
  13. The beauty of it all: DCFMA at RHT 2016

    Someone post Spanish lesson from that night ! Lol
  14. Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    I hope no one chose like a wurgen 😂 One of the worst revisions ever
  15. Yassss at lil Kim being on this list. Hardcore was and still is everything !!!