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  1. M shades Cherish

    We all knew this tho .... I think she’s said it before - it is a bit sugary sweet. I prefer my sugar more RAW like candy shop 😜🤪😜🤪
  2. She just loves bitch I’m Madonna lol danced to it several times
  3. Enjoy still need a lot and I have a big uh .... collection 😈😈 pay attention to my background music !!
  4. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    Masterpiece all day. SHOULD HAVE BEEN A Single. Not sure what goes thru her mind when she does these blunders like gimme all your lovin instead
  5. I was 12 when erotica and sex came out. I begged my mom for the sex book but of course she wouldn’t budge and on Xmas morning I was so upset I had the erotica casette in my stocking with a big old also available madonnas book sex .... I didn’t get to see it til like 10 yrs later and I was in love. Anyways erotica music wise is definitely one of my favorites. I never understood why WAITING never got the single treatment over bye bye baby. That just is baffling. The song kicks major ass still til this day and it didn’t even get a spot on the girlie show :( hopefully someday she revisits this gem. Would love to hear her thoughts on this track. Also THIEF of hearts is kick ass too. Nothing however comes musically close to the title track still til this day aside from justify my love a song has never been so creepy Yet oozing sex.
  6. Amazing photo I want this poster !!!
  7. ‘If We Took a Holiday’

    This was hilarious I loved it
  8. Wtf is up with this cover ? The trailer in the back ? The messy track list .... a truly wtf moment
  9. Love don't live here anymore (Soulpower remix)

    Very odd single choice for sure. Especially since she won't even include it on the rebel heart tour DVD or cd but the soul power remix is the superior mix of this song. So classy and love the 90s r&b
  10. Lil Kim is and will always be the Queen ....I like nicki but mostly due to the fact she is a kim clone I Love cardi b but she's nothing like Nicki. She's carved her way in this game and she's been around for awhile. If you watch Love and hip Hop she been on her grind. Glad to see her finally get her shine. and another female rapper in general get her shine.
  11. Im Late but Happy Bday M! This video won me PIT tickets to MDNA in Phoenix. I know ppl are losing their shit cuz Madonna sang BDAY SONG LoL I still like it it... it is what it is ... its not serious