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  1. This version of like a wurgeon is the worst performance of her career ! And going bananas is TROLLDONNA
  2. If Find it strange she called this tour THE GIRLIE SHOW. Anyone else ? It has nothing to do with the Erotica album nor any lyrics it’s based off a painting. I just find it odd that in her most heightened hate as an artist she would choose that as her tour name? Does anyone know what it was originally going to be called? THE BAD GIRL WORLD TOUR would have been much more appropriate!!
  3. The beauty of it all: DCFMA at RHT 2016

    Someone post Spanish lesson from that night ! Lol
  4. Drowned World Tour: Favorite performances?

    I hope no one chose like a wurgen πŸ˜‚ One of the worst revisions ever
  5. updated Social Accounts


  7. Yes for the old folks πŸ˜‚ They want a physical everything
  8. Wow just smh at that cover !!!! Lmfao troll Donna is back
  9. The Girlie Show: Iconic

    Any show that has I'm going bananas instead of her current single could never be iconic !! Beginning of TrollDonna and picking setlists
  10. So this is my most favorite track by Madonna currently and well am I the only one who thinks the Rebel Heart performance of this was subpar ? I mean the jimmy fallon performance was better than how she did it on the tour. It just fell flat on Rebel Heart Tour ..... anyone else think this amazing song deserved a better LIVE performance on the tour ? It's a party jam and she performed it fighting ? I don't get it. or am I the only one
  11. Her outfit and hair changed every few seconds in that tidal preview (I have tidal) scizophrenia
  12. Im making it a bday night for me with a few friends and lots to drink .... cannot wait !
  13. Saw the trailer last night after SHAMELESS on showtime !!!
  14. So is it the 9th or the 10th ???