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  1. Daryl and I suspected that was a setup from the beginning; his behaviour was not only unprofessional, but suspicious to say the least, and this was clear from how he went along with it for a whole 8 secs, then waited another second or two, then pulled an exaggerated face once he was sure the audience could see... As Daryl says in his column on The Inquisitor: "Then, there was that performance with Drake at Coachella in April. Though its likely that Drake purposely used the event to age-shame Madonna and make himself look good, Madonna might just as well have worn a Kick Me! sign" http://www.inquisitr.com/2334669/madonna-turns-57-and-the-media-wants-her-to-feel-ashamed/#O1SRIMipZ7e5zQR1.99
  2. I can see your point. In a way, it's hard to keep explaining to narrow minded haters key basic points (and they tend not to get them anyway)... I don't know though... Devil Pray lends itself very well to so many ideas for videos, and it's more catchy than Body Shop. This thing that only 'kids' do certain things (having fun to start with) is a bit of a misrepresentation of what society and life really are though. Though I can see why you are wary of another excuse to attack Madonna, I don't know if she really cares... DP is not pro-drugs: we all know where she stands on the matter. But I can see that those who want to twist it can play with it... I don't know, you have a point, but I don't know...
  3. I don't think we should care about the lyrics being 'in your face'. I actually think all the 'guarded attitude' towards her singles etc that her management has shown in the last few years has not done Madonna any good. At all. It's not like she has to consolidate her success, or chase the charts or anything. I actually think the big hit may be there, in the least expected song. The one that just breaks the mould, as she did many times in the past. I was chatting on Youtube: she sang JoA live; got her lots of new fans (in the threads, lots of people 'discovering' Madonna). I think that's where she should be going; the unusual etc... She did it in the past, why not now?
  4. That's a nice idea. True, Devil Pray lends itself to lots of ideas for a video.
  5. I think it was a setup. Either Drake is the most unprofessional performer on the planet (get over it, I've had much worse than lipstick and still managed to smile!) as anyone on stage knows that whatever happens (lipstick? Madonna got pulled off the stairs and kept going!) you keep going on as normal! Or... Looking at his 8 seconds of going along with it... It was a setup.
  6. 1- Ghosttown 2- Living for Love 3- Bitch I'm Madonna
  7. I like it better. I know what Italians are like, they wouldn't like BIM too much and she's held in very high esteem as a mega artist there; they like more 'adult' tracks. It's a good choice for Italy.
  8. But I've heard there are DP remixes coming out. Not sure though.
  9. Messiah would be my favourite, but I'm weird. But hey, it's a masterpiece. And Addicted. But RH would make sense. But there are so many... It shouldn't be one of the songs in the original 6 though.
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