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  1. I feels like she's training those kids for the future.. I love it!
  2. Bitch I'm loca.. - Y yo lo coloco.. Bésame la boca.. - Y tú que me dás?
  3. Please go on her YouTube channel and comment about the album and stream!! This masterpiece deserve so much
  4. I just hear Batuka, and it sounds amazing!!
  5. I think "Medellin" was the perfect choice for the first single.. Even if is not good enough song.. It has the signature sound of the album.. Can you imagine if she released first "God control" and then "I don't search I find" .. And when the album finally comes up there wasn't others dance song on it? People will be furious!!
  6. The first one is a screen cap from @Paulozgur IG story.. It was a video actually.. There was a crane and people dress in medieval clothes,also Emmanuel Adjei was there.. The second was from isabelita, the third don't remember.. But they deleted the video in less than and hours.. They film Dark Ballet on April 8- 9.. And Batuka 10-11..
  7. Yes.. I looks like she is some kind of "narrator or a expectator" of all this injustice ..
  8. So.. Emmanuel Adjei direct two music videos? Dark ballet and Batuka? He spend 4 Days filming..
  9. The video feels like if it was a nod to his early years in NY.. simple and beautiful
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