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  1. His lawyer probably quit after seeing his "contribution"
  2. Maybe that's why his lawyer quit.. He probably didn't contribute as much as he claim..
  3. He says "My demo" (as if it were his original idea) He said Mirwais came with a strong concept, melody and lyrics about gun control.. He only translated what Mirwais all ready did.. And he recorded the demo.. 25$ + 15% royalties is fair enough for him.. He said he agree with all this because the contribution on the song was very small.. but now he change his mind because his broke and Madonna is too rich,and he wants 120.000$ in advance and 1% of the grossing tour because the song open the show.. But he also wants Madonna's fan to boo her at her show in L. A
  4. For the title I thought it was because MadameX suspended the MadonnaNation twitter account.. Well.. She killed my old twitter account I can't recovery any more
  5. Who cares.. Stop contaminated this page please..
  6. When I first heard the name "Batuka" ... the first thing I thought was in Brazil, Bahia, Iemanjá, the ocean and especially in the new year's eve celebrations ... I always spend the new year's eve on the beach. That's why it's my favorite song.
  7. Why? If You didn't like the song We already know that you're not gonna like it..
  8. So sad.. I remember that week Rebel Heart was release, I end 10 years of relationship because I discovered my boyfriend cheating me, I lost my job, my house and my father die.. It was pretty dark times for me.. Those periscope transmission from the Rebel Heart tour save my life!
  9. Well.. She didn't make any comment on "I Rise" music (which has not controversial video and was the second audio released from MadameX) She clearly didn't like it.. Maybe she wanted some money ,because she sounds like a hater.. Spreading lies and stupid comment.. People forgot that Madonna is also a survivor ... she was threatened with a gun, assaulted and raped in her early years in New York.
  10. Yes.. I was some behind scenes.. With "Vogue" playing in the background and part of the speech.. But the video has a problem I think..
  11. She even say that artist are not allowed to speak of the problem..
  12. She deleted one tweet.. The one it says "I don't know where the moneys goes.. Not for the victims "
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