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  1. Top three songs: Devil Pray, Living For Love, Messiah Song that grew on you: Ghosttown Song that faded for you: Iconic Best Lyrics: Joan of Arc Best Vocal: Devil Pray Best Melody: Wash All Over Me Best Chorus: Rebel Heart Most Fun To Play Loud: Unapologetic Bitch Most Overrated Song: Body Shop Most Underrated Song: Holy Water MVP Track: Devil Pray Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love / Wash All Over Me Most Groundbreaking: Unapologetic Bitch
  2. Revolution Of Love (introduction) Rebel Heart ( Avicci version) Devil Pray Addicted Joan Of Arc Ghosttown Iconic Inside Out S.E.X Holy Water Heartbreak City Living For Love Hold Tight Wash All Over Me (demo 4 rework) Messiah Single 1 Rebel Heart Single 2 Living For Love Single 3 Ghosttown Single 4 Devil Pray REBEL HEART – Deluxe Edition CD1 - REBEL Revolution Of Love Rebel Heart ( Avicci more epic version) Devil Pray Addicted Joan Of Arc Ghosttown Holy Water S.E.X Heartbreak City Inside Out Wash All Over Me (demo 4 rework) CD 2 - HEART Veni Vedi Vici Iconic Graffiti Heart Body Shop Nothing Lasts Forever Unapologetic Bitch Bitch I’m Madonna Illuminati Hold Tight Living For Love Messiah Single 1 : Unapologetic Bitch Single 2 : Holy Water
  3. For me, Rebel Heart would have been the introduction single, out in late august/ early september with an epic and cinematographic video that would deal with all Madonna's favorite "rebellious" topic including age, wars, capitalism, religion and sexuality. Then I would make Living For Love the lead single, around november with the album realise (like the Confessions era) The video would have a dramatic and romantic side and would be a fight with the bull but within an epic and roman aesthetic. More blood, more tears and more fierceness. The second one would have been Messiah, in february. The video would be a reminder of the Secret Project with Madonna being prisonners and tortured for what she believing. Really Dark atmosphere and an epic final full of lights with Madonna being crucified and transformed into a modern Messiah Then, Devil Pray as the third one, around april Video about drug and esotherism with a very dark psychotic and psyche atmosphere. Something mind-blowing. Unapologetic Bitch would be the fourth single, around july The video would be in Basquiat, 90's style with urban Madonna like in Borderline Finally, Holy Water would be the last single from RH, around september In the video Madonna would deal with female sexual emancipation from church wearing a burka and dancing on the pole surrounding by nouns. Ok now, stop dreaming ...
  4. New here and hoping to make new friends !

  5. Devil Pray must be a single and have a video ! I mean, I dont know worldwide but in France everybody loves it. It sounds really Madonna and in the same time really modern. Finish the Rebel Heart era with BIM would be a big mistakes for her. People will keep the image of M desperately trying to be young and desperately trying to get attention. For me, everybody can love it, from hipsters to 1st hour's fans. BEST TRACK EVER
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