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  1. She’s so sweet https://instagram.com/katelangbroek?igshid=1mvux90538sid
  2. Omg I love this so much, what a treat. It’s the most US radio friendly song she has made in a long time. Fuck I love this song. I had to stop listening to Medellin very early on because it was such an ear worm and I couldn’t get it out of my head but yet I couldn’t sing along cos it’s in Spanish. But this is on repeat until further notice!!
  3. I don’t understand all the fuss about her ass.. like as if Madonna would actually get butt implants, that’s just so not her! It seems so obvious that she is just wearing those pads that make your ass look bigger, it’s very clear to see that is not her real ass, just like when she was on Jimmy Fallon with the black jeans and you could quite clearly see from the side view that it was just padding. Butt implants don’t look like that!
  4. I’m impressed that she managed to keep it a secret until the day it dropped! I read as far as I could be bothered in the YouTube comments and there wasn’t 1 single negative comment which is a first! I’ve only heard it a few times and it’s stuck in my head, i can’t get it out.
  5. Your missing my point, she only instagrammed after being outed by paparazzi so we don’t know exactly how long she’s been working on this album. It is nothing like the last album, all we’ve had is mdna skin ads and pics and videos of her kids to the point where everyone’s gone mad!
  6. I know right, was going to say the same thing. Everyone wanted her to not blab about it on Instagram and to not make an announcement because people’s attention spans etc and albums only being announced shortly before they are released these days. She did exactly that and people aren’t happy but I can understand everyone’s frustration because waiting is the hardest thing.
  7. I still believe she has been working on the album since before January, like September last year. she is obviously being very secretive this time around and only admitted to being in the studio at all after she was photographed by paparazzi. After the songs leaking before Christmas last time, I doubt she would leave a chance it could happen again. Having said that, I can really feel everyone’s pain and frustration at the moment, so my advice is to go out and have as much sex as possible, it’s what madonna would do.
  8. I think Madonna started working on the album a lot earlier than people think, she only made a statement on Instagram about being back in the studio after she was snapped by the paps. For all we know this time around she may have already been working on the album for a year come September.
  9. What I said was true, the way a lot of rock stars sing actually damages their voice. Madonna has been singing properly since Evita so her voice is not getting damaged as much as it would have if she was still singing from her throat.. but that doesn’t mean that by the end of a world tour her voice would not sound a bit raspier than at the beginning,
  10. A lot of rock stars damage their voice over time because of the way they sing but ever since Evita Madonna is singing properly which doesn’t damage your vocal chords so with her clean living as well, she will still be able to sing when she gets older.
  11. Omg yes Secret Garden and Inside Of Me are 2 of my favourite ever Madonna songs and S.E.X was so cringeworthy bad and totally beneath her, it made me wish she would never sing about sex again! I had to make a Spotify playlist so I could listen to rebel heart without hearing it.
  12. I think there was room left for more dates to be announced in the itinerary and that’s why the Brisbane dates were moved to between Melbourne and Sydney shows in the end.
  13. No Celebration... really? Hung up I love but it was a departure for Madonna away from serious thought provoking lyrics. Its so hard to find a song title these days that hasn’t already been done and I think Beautiful Game is truly inspired. It feels like she coming full circle now, back to her truest self and if BG is anything like what was done at the Met ball, it will be in my opinion the best lead single since Frozen.
  14. Isn’t March the beginning of Spring?
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