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  1. I can see that happenning too, she is so incredibly talented and hard working but has never really gotten the respect she deserves, probably for the most part because she was so ahead of her time. Maybe in this day and age the world will finally realise!
  2. I never got that either, I think so many people said it that everyone started to believe it. I think it’s safe to assume the original terms of the deal still stand and I’m sure she will be back on tour very soon and will probably take a bigger break after that before the next album cycle to focus on her movies.
  3. Madonna’s Instagram

    #metoo and In this #timesup era where the academy is being ridiculed for its sexism, maybe Madonna will finally get the respect she has deserved all along!
  4. That’s really sad because she didn’t need to, turning 50 isn’t easy for anyone and I agree she looked amazing and fine, the cheeks were unnessary.
  5. With all due respect I don’t believe that for a second. Madonna signed a multi million dollar 10 year deal with Live Nation for 4 tours, the whole second leg of S&S issue has been said so many times that people have started to believe it.. and she said herself in Sydney she would be back on 2019. There is no reason to panic just because she has organised what she will be doing after the next album/tour that’s the way she has always worked!
  6. It was definitely 4 tours and the second leg of S&S doesn’t count but yeah I’m sure she will stay with LN and they will always want her because bitch she’s Madonna and doesn’t constantly cancel shows because of health problems ;)
  7. But the contract was for 4 tours and 3 albums because it was signed before the last album/tour with WB
  8. I don’t understand the uncertainty about her LN contract, the second leg for S&S does not count. She obviously postponed Loved because off the new babies and probably has been working on it behind the scenes so it’s comcievable she could go straight into shooting the movie after this next tour and then do this new movie after that.
  9. The Queen's Energy appreciation thread

    I loved how she climbed up a pole on the rebel heart tour, not something you see every day regardless of age.
  10. I would love to see if Madonna could get through a whole album without talking about sex or religion. There is more to life and also it’s safe to say that it’s been done before.
  11. What happened to Spotlight?

    I always thought it was because it sounded so much like Holiday. Warners only released YCD because they were worried about WTG soundtrack only having 4 Madonna songs on it. So that’s why there were no singles off YCD because they were promoting WTG soundtrack and movie. Plus Madonna was in danger of being over exposed at that time in her career.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Haha yeah... maybe (hopefully) she learned her lesson, especially considering it was a ‘fan’ who hacked her computer out of impatience/desperation. The kids today are used to hearing that someone has a new album coming out and the debut single being released 24hours later. Hi Madonna!!
  13. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    You can quite clearly see when she’s sitting on the couch on Jimmy Fallon recently that she had some kind of padding in her jeans. As if she would get butt implants, that’s ridiculous! She’s just wearing padded underwear. You could see on RHT that her thighs are butt were chunkier than on previous tours. She is Italian after all!
  14. Madonna does Bossa Nova..... I can’t imagine anything better!!!
  15. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I want this hair again