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  1. Omg what are you like? I loved Rebel Heart! I don't understand the abuse, all I said was that I really didn't like her Met Ball outfit and wish she would cut her hair shorter again! There are much worse things being said around here!!
  2. Again, wow ok This is my fourth post so how about that? I thought personal attacks and abuse of forum members was against the guidelines?
  3. Wow okay.. It's actually my second post and I haven't been 'lurking' I just don't have time to post.
  4. I think some people just expect more from Madonna, she seems to have stopped evolving/reinventing herself and hasn't really changed her image or her hair since Music era. The Met Ball outfit was absolutely atrocious, it's not about having your ass hanging out but the overall look was a total hot mess! Not surprised at all that Anna Wintour didn't like it. I love Madonna and always will but I just wish she would get a bloody haircut and get out of these Barbra Streisand years she seems to be stuck in.