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  1. What happened to Spotlight?

    I always thought it was because it sounded so much like Holiday. Warners only released YCD because they were worried about WTG soundtrack only having 4 Madonna songs on it. So that’s why there were no singles off YCD because they were promoting WTG soundtrack and movie. Plus Madonna was in danger of being over exposed at that time in her career.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Haha yeah... maybe (hopefully) she learned her lesson, especially considering it was a ‘fan’ who hacked her computer out of impatience/desperation. The kids today are used to hearing that someone has a new album coming out and the debut single being released 24hours later. Hi Madonna!!
  3. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    You can quite clearly see when she’s sitting on the couch on Jimmy Fallon recently that she had some kind of padding in her jeans. As if she would get butt implants, that’s ridiculous! She’s just wearing padded underwear. You could see on RHT that her thighs are butt were chunkier than on previous tours. She is Italian after all!
  4. Madonna does Bossa Nova..... I can’t imagine anything better!!!
  5. Madonna's Hair 2017

    I want this hair again
  6. When I first heard the demo version of Rebel Heart I thought omg she has finally done it again, the world is going to love it! But we all know how the story went. I was in shock when I first heard LFL, couldnt believe it was the lead single. Maybe if she got a haircut or something, she hasn't reinvented herself for so long now, she can hardly be called the queen of reinvention anymore. She should just bite the bullet and do a duet with someone young and get her shit played on the radio again, but it's got to be a good song as well.
  7. Madonna Instagram thread

    That pic is from September last year. She deleted it then, why post it now? It's not a very flattering angle!!
  8. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    I'm gonna love Madonna no matter what she does but after last year, she could wear a potato bag and still look better as long as she wasn't wearing stark red listick with little to no eye liner and ratty looking hair extensions.. Flashing tits and ass is ok but basic rules of make up always apply! Last thing I want to do is agree with a bunch of bitter queens but them grills got to go butches!!
  9. Omg what are you like? I loved Rebel Heart! I don't understand the abuse, all I said was that I really didn't like her Met Ball outfit and wish she would cut her hair shorter again! There are much worse things being said around here!!
  10. Again, wow ok This is my fourth post so how about that? I thought personal attacks and abuse of forum members was against the guidelines?
  11. Wow okay.. It's actually my second post and I haven't been 'lurking' I just don't have time to post.
  12. I think some people just expect more from Madonna, she seems to have stopped evolving/reinventing herself and hasn't really changed her image or her hair since Music era. The Met Ball outfit was absolutely atrocious, it's not about having your ass hanging out but the overall look was a total hot mess! Not surprised at all that Anna Wintour didn't like it. I love Madonna and always will but I just wish she would get a bloody haircut and get out of these Barbra Streisand years she seems to be stuck in.