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  1. 1. God Control 2. I Don’t Search I Find 3. Looking for Mercy 4. Batuka 5. Faz Gostoso
  2. https://twitter.com/madonnatribe/status/11392956553467
  3. https://twitter.com/madonnatribe/status/1139287613247037440
  4. Let's hope it's a performance. The good thing is it's being filmed!! Might mean we get to see it live
  5. Elliott Smith - Between the Bars now. She loves this song
  6. Does anybody have a high resolution photo of this picture?
  7. @Chellegasm When should we expect by the latest for the tickets to arrive?
  8. I've received all my tickets for all the concerts except for London 2nd night. Has anyone received their e ticket for London 2nd night?
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