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  1. Best of two: Songs only performed twice on tour

    Everybody VT OR Everybody TGST Borderline VT OR Borderline S&ST Crazy For You VT OR Crazy For You RIT True Blue WTGT OR True Blue RHT Causing A Commotion WTGT OR Causing A Commotion BAT Where's The Party WTGT OR Where's The Party BAT Who's That Girl WTGT OR Who's That Girl RHT Hanky Panky BAT OR Hanky Panky RIT Rain TGST OR Rain S&ST The Beast Within TGST OR The Beast Within RIT Justify My Love TGST OR Justify My Love MDNAT Drowned World / Substitute For Love DWT OR Drowned World / Substitute For Love CT Paradise (Not For Me) DWT OR Paradise (Not For Me) CT Don't Tell Me DWT OR Don't Tell Me RIT Nobody Knows Me RIT OR Nobody Knows Me MDNAT Die Another Day RIT OR Die Another Day S&ST
  2. "Dress You Up" / "Into the Groove" / "Lucky Star" / "Dress You Up" (Reprise)
  3. RH Blooper and Mistakes

    She should do that in the Fascist State of Toronto.
  4. Rebel Heart Tour setlist on M Instagram

    There is even a fake posts going up.