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  1. A year already? That mysterious X was such a great strategy to kick things off.
  2. 01 - Crave 02 - God Control 03 - Looking for Mercy 04 - I Rise 05 - Batuka 06 - Crazy 07 - I Don't Search I Find 08 - Faz Gostoso 09 - Dark Ballet 10 - Extreme Occident 11 - Medellín 12 - Come Alive 13 - Future 14 - Bitch I'm Loca 15 - Ciao Bella 16 - Killers Who Are Partying 17 - Funana 18 - Back That Up to the Beat
  3. A small update... 1. Crave 2. God Control 3. Looking for Mercy 4. I Rise 5. Batuka
  4. For me, it’s starting to sink in that this album is her most consistent since Confessions and now my favorite of the 3 post-Hard Candy albums. We are incredibly lucky to be listening to an album of this caliber nearly 40 years into her career.
  5. Love, love this video. Batuka is really growing on me as well!
  6. This is your wake up call I’m like your nightmare I’m here to start your day What a song. It throws you in so many directions (emotionally) while keeping the message in focus. If the Pride performance was any indication, this song is going to be a highlight on the tour.
  7. I’m still flipping between Crave, God Control and Looking for Mercy. They are my top 3 and I’m still going back to them.
  8. Fantastic interview, their time in the studio has been nothing but fruitful.
  9. I love this song. Vulnerable, honest, dramatic instrumentation...it also gave me Oh Father vibes.
  10. Well this song is no longer my least favorite on the album. I would probably rank it higher but Quavo just doesn't add anything to it.
  11. Better than Bitch I'm Madonna, probably at the same level as Soltera. Should have been a bonus track.
  12. Surprised but very happy with Looking for Mercy's placement, it's my #3 as well!
  13. I think she's in better shape now than what she was towards the end of the Rebel Heart Tour! For the record, Plumpdonna looked fantastic as well.
  14. What a great documentary, it’s a unique way to explain the album’s creative process. Wish it was longer.
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