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  1. She really has some guts to restart the tour. If she does force herself to be on the road until December, you can bet that there won't be any more shows after December.
  2. It's a good song.
  3. Can't wait for this album. Will be interesting to see if it's similar to her previous work.
  4. It's a good album, her best since Loose.
  5. Wasn't expecting her to release a new single. Not even the Super Bowl Halftime Show could revive public interest in seeing her live.
  6. I really like it as well.
  7. So she's really doing Coachella....definitely wasn't expecting that one.
  8. Yessss, my favorite song of hers. Glory and Gore is amazing as well. Looking forward to her new stuff, though I'm not sure it will be as good as the first album.
  9. Top 5: Rihanna Adele Katy Beyoncé Britney
  10. Drink up RiRi! Did ANTI win anything, at least in the pre-telecast ceremony? It should have, amazing album.
  11. She deserves every award she gets. I prefer 25 over Lemonade.
  12. Yessss. Keep flopping.
  13. She was great.
  14. I thought it was ok. Way too slow.
  15. Everything she touches turns to shit. No one in Metallica look pleased.