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  1. jjmor95

    David Bowie's Black Star video is still so epic

    What a video, and what a showman - releasing an amazing album right before his death. I miss him.
  2. jjmor95

    Your top albums of 2018

    I'm in love with that album.
  3. jjmor95

    2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    What a great list of inductees. What a great list. Especially thrilled about Radiohead and The Cure.
  4. jjmor95

    Your top albums of 2018

    #1 - Metric - Art of Doubt #2 - Janelle MonĂ¡e - Dirty Computer #3 - CHVRCHES - Love is Dead #4 - twenty one pilots - TRENCH #5 - MGMT - Little Dark Age #6 - Steve Perry - Traces #7 - Death Cab for Cutie - Thank You for Today #8 - Florence + The Machine - High as Hope #9 - Lykke Li - so sad, so sexy #10 - Robyn - Honey
  5. jjmor95

    Mumford & Sons

    This new album is probably my favorite of theirs - it's basically their first 3 albums in a blender, but unlike the other ones I wasn't bored halfway through.
  6. I stopped buying music 2 years ago...decided to stream because it's convenient. The only thing that irks me about streaming is that the quality isn't as good as a CD, and they remove songs every now and then. But it's a money saver, especially the annual plans.
  7. While the album as a whole continues to grow on me, Deep End is still my favorite. So fucking good.
  8. Not surprised that the Sam Smith songs I like the most are the ones that have a groove.
  9. jjmor95


    Gotta love the professionalism.
  10. jjmor95

    2018 MTV VMAs

    That guy rapping (?) over Sting's Shape of My Heart...he has guts to sample it.
  11. jjmor95

    2018 MTV VMAs

    I love JLo. She even managed to bring back Ja Rule from the dead.
  12. jjmor95

    2018 MTV VMAs

    Sorry Nicki, but you're not "iconic" enough to perform at the Oculus.
  13. jjmor95

    2018 MTV VMAs

    It's been years since I last watched one. Already annoyed with the director cutting to Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson every 15 seconds.
  14. jjmor95

    Janelle Monae

    New album is soooooo good.