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  1. Katy Perry thread

    I'm quite surprised the shows are selling poorly. Crazy how much can change in a 3-year period.
  2. BEST vs. WORST Tour Outfit

    BEST BAT: Metropolis The Girlie Show: Vogue outfit DWT: Geisha Re-Invention: Corset Confessions: Equestrian MDNA: Transgression RHT: Samurai & Flapper Girl WORST Sticky & Sweet: Rave (what were they thinking?)
  3. This. The I'm Going to Tell You a Secret and Confessions live albums are great.
  4. The cover is so much better than the planned one, and the audio mix is better than MDNA. The only thing that has really bothered me about the past few releases is the "fake audience", but that's it. Looking forward to this release!
  5. Lady Gaga thread: Flopanne Tour

    Those who are attending the stadium shows are getting robbed with that modified stage. It looks even more basic than the arena show!
  6. Yep, they helped with Rebel Heart as well.
  7. It looks like she spent all her money on this tour's production. Still lacks screens, and a slanting stage is not so impressive.
  8. 1. Joanne song 2. Joanne song 3. Poker Face - 1. Iconic (RH) 2. Bitch I'm Madonna (RH) 3. Burning Up I mean, I shouldn't be surprised.
  9. Shania Twain thread [merged]

    Can't wait for the new album! Poor Me is the strongest of the two songs.
  10. So good to see her back on stage. Even if it's turning out to be every few months...