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  1. It's a good song.
  2. Can't wait for this album. Will be interesting to see if it's similar to her previous work.
  3. It's a good album, her best since Loose.
  4. Wasn't expecting her to release a new single. Not even the Super Bowl Halftime Show could revive public interest in seeing her live.
  5. VIRGIN Dress You Up Holiday Like a Virgin WHO'S THAT GIRL Lucky Star Papa Don't Preach Into the Groove BLOND AMBITION Open Your Heart Like a Prayer Material Girl GIRLIE SHOW Vogue Rain La Isla Bonita DROWNED WORLD Drowned World / Substitute for Love Frozen Secret RE-INVENTION Nobody Knows Me Burning Up Into the Groove CONFESSIONS Live to Tell Music Inferno Erotica / You Thrill Me STICKY & SWEET Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Like a Prayer Give It 2 Me MDNA Girl Gone Wild Express Yourself Like a Prayer REBEL HEART Iconic True Blue Deeper and Deeper
  6. My absolute favorites are Confessions, Blond Ambition, MDNA and Rebel Heart.
  7. The 2nd half, simply because it's GLORIOUS. (Don't get me wrong - the 1st half is also perfection)
  8. My rankings change every now and then, but the first 4 have been set in stone for a long time: 01 - Ray of Light 02 - Confessions on a Dance Floor 03 - Music 04 - Like a Prayer 05 - Erotica 06 - True Blue 07 - Hard Candy 08 - Rebel Heart 09 - American Life 10 - Like a Virgin 11 - Madonna 12 - Bedtime Stories 13 - MDNA
  9. Love all of her tours, no such thing as a bad one. 01 - Confessions 02 - Drowned World 03 - Blond Ambition 04 - Girlie Show 05 - Re-Invention 06 - Rebel Heart 07 - Who's That Girl 08 - Sticky & Sweet 09 - MDNA 10 - Virgin Tour
  10. One of my favorite M tours. It's the tour with her best backing band and my favorite live version of Vogue, to date. If I could go back in time and see it in person...
  11. Would have worked out great in Drowned World. Hope she performs it someday.