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  1. Holaaa!! ;-) I´m probably the only Spanish + girl here, haha! Long time megafan, since I was 5 or 6?...I´m not very active writing posts in forums but I confess I love reading you..
  2. OMG!! This is epic, I know... only us, Spanish girls born in early 80s might have some fond memories of this doll. I never had one, I was all about Barbie, but I remember so well the advert! Reflecting on this, it is incredibly crazy how megafamous she became even for toy industries to make a Madonna doll, aimed at little girls, and not adult collectors as we are used to seeing now with all those Barbies. I doubt there will ever me a Gaga doll (eewwww!) or a Beyonce one....
  3. Thank you Barneyboy! I'm checking again a ticket :-)
  4. Hello guys! It´s my first (or second) post here, I don´t know anyone in this forum but I´ve been reading your posts for a long time... so I think it´s time to say hello and also ask you for some advise... ...Well I´m from Spain , I went to Barcelona concert but I´m tiny so a floor ticket was really a waste of money...and I need a better experience. I am now debating myself between going or not to Paris for the 9th concert but I don´t have a ticket yet. I went to viagogo and I have been seeing on and off some tickets , suuupercheap, 60Euros!! for Cat1 section du bas P row 90, BUT, I will have
  5. I can´t go to the concert...so now I have to sell my floor ticket for Barcelona 24th November . Same price I bought it, of course. I have it on pdf.
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