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  1. Really hoping that's the final cover. Love that shot!
  2. shoecool


    Wish I could've seen this live. That intro is everything!
  3. I just can't. Is there a way to let her know to ditch that Aldo guy. There were so many incredible and beautiful mockups made by fans for the DVD and she chooses that thing? She's floating! Her feet have no shadow! Isn's she aware of that? It just looks like a really bad job from an amateur who really needs to perfect his photoshop skills. Any still from the iconic video would've been great. She makes such amazing tours, with the best fashion designers and then has this a cover for it? As a graphic designer I feel insulted.
  4. shoecool

    Which tours have you seen live?

    S&S - Mexico City 2x MDNA - Mexico City RHT - Mexico City 2x and Miami.
  5. I tried Apple Music when it was first released and it was confusing so I returned to Spotify. Still not the best, but it works good and I like the UX.
  6. shoecool

    The Weeknd

    So good! Been listening to it non stop.
  7. shoecool


    So happy for Sia, Cheap Thriills it's such a good song! Also it gives me hope Madonna can still hit #1
  8. shoecool

    Garbage thread

    Loved it! My favorite is Even though our love is doomed
  9. shoecool


    I just can't get Cheap Thrills out of my head. And I love the performance of the song with Maddie and the others dancers.
  10. shoecool

    Prince Dead at 57

    Such sad news. May he RIP.
  11. shoecool

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    I am not ready!! This era has been a great one, got to see her three times and even travelled abroad to see her. It was all worth it!! She needs to take a break, these last couple of months have been difficult for her, but it'll be hard to wait until her next project.
  12. shoecool

    Manila February 24

    She looks gorgeous with that crown!
  13. Loooove BIM! God, I wanna see the show one more time!
  14. shoecool

    Manila February 24

    She's such a wonderful woman, love how she takes time to be with kids in charity organizations.