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  1. Everytime I listen to it, can't believe it wasn't #1. It's one of her best!
  2. Love that Ghosttown is having some recognition! It's a great song that should've performed better. She did all the promo right and the video is great, but the public just didn't seem to care.
  3. Don't know how it didn't become a hit. I think about it everytime I listen to it, the lyrics, music, video.. it had everything! It resonates so much with me and it has Madonna written all over it. Such a pitty.
  4. Loved reading this. All her collaborators always talk about her work ethic and people still can't believe she's behind every aspect of her music and career. Hopefully one day the world will realise and give her the credit she deserves.
  5. Not expecting any nomination either, but hopefully she will get at least one. RH its a really good album.
  6. I would love Joan of Arc to be a single, with all the hate she's been receiving lately it would be great to release it. But I also love Hold Tight and Inside Out, it's so hard to choose. There must be a 5th video! so many good songs!!
  7. I'm a graphic designer and I'm offended! Not surprised though, the latest single covers have been awful!
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