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  1. It's a really beautiful and touching video. She looks great in it, and if it is indeed the last video of Madame X.. I'm pretty satisfied with it. She's been so inspired this era, and can't wait to see what's in store for us in the tour!
  2. It's absolutely amazing, such a masterpiece. I'm still in shock with all the emotions!
  3. The choir, the strings, everything about this song is GENIUS!!!! Love it!!!
  4. I can redeem a CD from the bundle with the tour ticket, but it needs a US address to ship to. Anyone interested in getting an extra CD?
  5. I'm getting so excited with all the reviews! Keep them coming!
  6. Waiting until Friday, we're only a few days away!
  7. Yeah, I agree. The writer seemed like a true fan and I'm sure will be disappointed by M's reaction.
  8. OMG she is angry!!! I do not believe the article was bad, for her to react that way. But hey, maybe her expectations were other.
  9. Also noticed that image of the book, looks really good! maybe its part of the art of the album?
  10. This is starting to look like a mess. Hope they solve it soon.
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