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  1. Stars are lining up madonna releasing bitch iam madonna has helped living for love ghosttown views are going up way way way more likes for BIM than dislikes it will be vevo verified 100 million is coming fast that to me is number 1 for her and BIM REMIX Is aawesomeness to release it Tour going to be happening I see rebel heart 1 million over by tour end and rebel heart in usa getting near 500,000

  2. When would 4th video be released either from concert footage or video being made I love Devil pray I hope she makes hold tight into a video I love that song. and beautiful scars. addicted the one that got away. Messiah. Iconic.joan of arc body shop those are my choices please madonna make all those songs into videos 2 years on tour I want alot more rebel heart videos♡♡♡♡

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