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  1. Come on, we need to be kind to these morons and encourage them! They are finally on the right track, next step is that Eve was created both from her fathers penis and her mums vagina. Hope it won't take them 2000 years to the next step, bless.
  2. I want to see how she got the Frida jacket, wonder if she kept it?
  3. Fantastic Mexico!!!! Made me cry when the chanting starts. So jealous of your heart lights haha. Thank you nemo!
  4. Don't take an idiots words to heart. No it shouldn't be like that at the forum
  5. Anyone got a link? I clicked on a wrong periscope in Mexico and the guy said Hi Elin! immidately, freaked me out!
  6. I didnt catch that she said Frozen, maybe the crowd didn't either. But Ghosttown goes well with Mexico! "I'm feeling like David now"
  7. I don't care Madonna dosen't only tour because of a contract does she? If she wants to tour again she will. I bet she will, she never said this was her last anything!
  8. You have to log into Disqus unfortunately I dont have an account there and am not really thrilled about giving them access to my twitter.
  9. I understand Karbatal, but you must also factor in a huge amount of people travelling to Spain in the summer who would afford tickets.
  10. But how trustworthy is this source?? How would they know already?
  11. Ah ok Maybe they have fabulous swimming pools and we get a Rebel Heart pool party?
  12. Birmingham was ten thousand wasn't it? And don't they have an amphitheatre where Gladiator was shot? Oooh show on a hot night outdoors with stars..
  13. Preach it!! I think she could have done more London shows to begin with, don't see a problem at all.
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