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  1. I bought tickets for both Sydney show with CITI Pre-sale but no, I haven't received them yet...
  2. I saw Coldplay and Prince at the All Phones Arena, Sydney but Silver and Blonds seats are really limited too. The same thing happened at Osaka Dome for confessions tour in 2006. This is not only Madonna and they always advirtise tickets available from $99 or whatever the cheapest. Again, sorry my English... I'm from Japan.
  3. I got section "G", row 17 for Sydney Sat 19th with CITI Bank just now but my confirmation e-mail says section "SG". Checked seating map again but there is no "SG" and I'm 100% sure it said "G" before processing for payment. Is this "SG" means "Section G"?? Any idea, guys?? Sorry my English... I'm Japanese!
  4. Thank you, Paul! I was only checking CITI website, not Ticketek.
  5. https://youreventsonline.com.au/ At the moment, there is no info but I guess it will be up tomorrow morning...
  6. I'll try tomorrow's CITI Bank pre-sale but no information on their site at all yet... Anybody knows how many we can purchase or any other info?
  7. Madonna: RARE Part IX

    Her name is Mayumi Nishimura who used to be Madonna's in-house private macrobiotic chef for a log time. I know who she is because I am Japanese. http://mayuminishimura.com In 2001, Nishimura starts her career as personal chef for Madonna. Working mainly in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo, Nishimura has continued to provide macrobiotic meals to high-profile celebreties such as Sting, Brad Pitt and Guy Ritchie.