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  1. I don’t know if y’all know or choose not to want to have this discussion but J.K. Rowling has been under fire the past few days for posting this tweet so much so that she’s been labeled a TERF and transphobic.
  2. Well, this is depressing. But in all honesty did y’all expect anything different this time around from MTV? Like, someone else pointed out MTV has snubbed Madonna the past 10 years! I lost respect and interest in the VMAs the day Beyoncé surpassed Madonna in most Moonman wins overall. I think it’s (B) 24 vs (M) 20.
  3. I don’t get the negativity at all. I found the interview quite enjoyable to watch I mean, yeah, sure she looked a bit uncomfortable but it was because of the corset. Lol. Madonna was perfectly friendly and a bit cheeky. I feel like a lot of ppl misunderstand her dry humor for her being rude but I feel like that’s just ppl just trying to find whatever reason to hate on her because well, it’s Madonna. If you only just read the comments on the video previews to the show the main focus these trolls are commenting about are her outfit and eyepatch! It’s honestly ridiculous.
  4. C’mon, y’all better vote! As of rn: Crave 48% Doin’ Time 52% We can do it! As much as I love Lana, M deserves the support and win, also, Crave > Doin’ Time
  5. AHHHHhhh!!! This is LiT! Maluma + Madonna = This has to be a single!
  6. Soooo fucking good! I’m seriously getting my life from Future! Every single release just keeps getting better and better! We seriously don’t deserve her.
  7. No prob and will do, I retweeted. Just wanted to also say how much I love your dedication and good spirit. It’s refreshing to see
  8. Agreed. I love the way Madonna dances and moves here goes perfectly with the beat of the song. Same with Swae Lee. Love his hand movements, he looks cool. Can’t wait for the final edit!
  9. ^ I agree! Are you all watching the BMA performance? It’s trending now at #15 on YouTube!
  10. Question: Is today the last day of the weekly tracking period for both streams and digital sales? I’m asking because for those who haven’t purchased the Medellín single - do it now! And obviously keep streaming and watching the music video as well.
  11. Been having “Medellín” on repeat all day yesterday on Spotify. Honestly a great song, such a bop
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