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  1. Ugh, yes, this song is EVERYTHING! <333
  2. Exactly! If there was anybody that made dance-pop music popular again it was Madonna with COADF! Gagz just continued were M left off, that's all.
  3. It is indeed very Mariah Carey meets the Chainsmokers. Reductive as always.
  4. Yasss!! Go in girl, go in! XD
  5. MTE! Even huge Prince fans have admitted to this heck, they even go further on to say he's had some really bad albums! He was a very creative and experimental musician/artist so obviously there was going to be a lot of bad with the good.
  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE Debbie Harry /Blondie! But yes let's keep it 100 Debbie will never... ever... have Madonna's back! She never liked her, why? Because she feels Madonna owes her something. It all stems from jealousy. Pure and simple.
  7. They really are. A lot of them didn't even try like for instance the ones that were given "Physical Attraction" just completely avoided singing the lyrics but also completely ignored the original production and simply labeled it "their version". Seriously disrespectful and childish af!
  8. Wow, really?! I clicked the link and quickly skimed through the article and caught the one that said her lyrics were bad but to be fair they were given "Push". I didn't pickup on the one that downgraded her legacy but then again like I said before I just glanced at the article. What exactly did they say? What song were they given to have made them feel the need to say that about her? It's almost like damn, tell us how you really feel! EDIT: here's the quote if anybody else is curious: "I think her music swings wildly," says Thompson. "Some of it's really mediocre pop, and then some of it comes close to classic. Of all the '80s music icons who stuck around, she's possibly the most inconsistent. 'Little Star,' which I was assigned and had never heard before, is so much better than any of the familiar songs that it floored me at first."
  9. AMAZING! Indeed, THE GREATEST SHOW on earth! Easily TOP 3 fav M tours ❤ Btw, are these pictures from the tour book? They're fxcking great ❤
  10. You two definitely get it 👍😃
  11. Umm... yeah, uh, no.
  12. Seriously can't get over these three GORGEOUS covers! <3 Fucking FLAWLESS BEAUTY! <33
  13. That's awesome! I love Nelly <3