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  1. YouTube reaction videos

    Definitely. What I love the most about him is the fact that he's aware of the influence Madonna's had on these pop princesses and who the original HBIC is (aka M). He's becoming more and more of a fan and I'm here for it.
  2. YouTube reaction videos

    ^ Love him ๐Ÿ’• He is going to be uploading new Madonna reaction videos everyday now.
  3. YouTube reaction videos

    ^ Love him and his M reactions ๐Ÿ’•
  4. Was MJ a big of a star as Madonna?

    What is this drivel?! You lost me at "Madonna being repetitive and not composing her own melodies." Everyone knows Madonna is the Queen of Reinvention so I'm not sure where you're getting repetitive at? There's a reason why you hardly, if ever, post on this forum. You should probably keep it that way because nothing you wrote is any better than those who are anti MJ.
  5. Material Girl: The Madonna Story

    Yikes, that was awful! It actually comes across as parody, a very bad parody.
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    Exactly! I'm a millennial as well and I got it but these kids are just brain dead tbh.
  7. Favorite '80s Album Cover?

    All four are ICONIC so I can't really choose tbh.
  8. Favorite '90s Album Cover?

  9. Why the shade tho? I don't understand. Like, did Madonna hurt his ego or...?
  10. Exactly, all of this ^ and MTE on why they chose her based on her spin of Once Upon a Dream, which, btw, was majestic โœจ
  11. It's alright. Nothing too special or grand. I mean I don't want to be that bitch but M's version is the better and only version for me.
  12. YouTube reaction videos

    ^ MTE! I completely agree!
  13. Madonna vs Janet poll Most influential female

    I honestly thought this was a joke, like, an MNation poll for us to vote being that we have another thread on the forum here sorta comparing both M and Janet. I can't believe people are still trying it. I mean no tea, no shade, no hate on Janet but I mean, come on! Obviously, M is the most influential and will forever remain the one and only Queen of Pop.
  14. Living For Love vs Unapologetic Bitch

    Neither. Bitch I'm Madonna is where it was at! Either that or Rebel Heart (Avicii Heart). I'm saying this because even hardcore Madonna haters loved Avicii Heart.
  15. YouTube reaction videos

    New album reaction video from PRINCE SHANGHAI: I honestly love his reaction videos. Like, I feel his reactions are genuine and he gives his honest opinions when doing his reviews. He is becoming more and more of a fan and I'm here for it. One thing I will point out is that when he was reacting to Dress You Up the remix version was playing rather than the original album version. So that kind of annoyed me because it kinda takes away from the first time reacting experience.