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  1. Money laundering.
  2. Exactly! That was my coming out song. I mean, yeah sure, it was meant more to voice women's rights and independence but there's so many layers to Madonna's music that not everything has to be so literal like gagz ripoff tries to be!
  3. EXACTLY! Everything she claims to not be.
  4. Damn, that's fucked up! Racist asshole! Hate the fact that he's a Madonna fan.
  5. That was bomb af! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. Wow, bless her heart and may God help those families cope.
  7. Yasss, Katy! Go in, girl! She owned that bitch!
  8. Yup, exactly.
  9. I'm surprised at Luis Fonsi getting hits still. His last big hit was back in '08 and honestly, come to think of it that was his only big hit.
  10. ^ Mmm YUM! Get it Brit Brit!
  11. It's page 6, garbage news if you can even call it news.
  12. I really like CTTR as well as Bon Appetite although, I must admit it took a couple of listens for both songs to grow on me. They're both quite infectious tunes, though. Unfortunately, this era has been a PR mess for Katy and lil morons are having a field day as well as the haters.