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  1. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Imma leave this here:
  2. Exactly! Yet, she hardly gets praised for it, if ever! That's what really irks me. Instead they always give off the impression that Madonna can't sing.
  3. That's a compliment?! His "compliment" of Madonna is the equivalent of she's a great businesswoman. Also, Madonna may not be able to belt out like Whitney or Celine but that she can sing she can fucking sing! Case closed!
  4. Poor Lorde is miserable

    Dumb cunt.
  5. Santa Baby turns 30

    I honestly LOVE the song 💕 and M's version is the only one I acknowledge exception to Eartha Kitt's original version (although, I think it's a little too slow and a bit boring for my taste).
  6. I own her first two albums and the first single off her third album. I'm her age so don't judge me. I stopped purchasing and listening to her music after that. I noticed she wasn't really growing or evolving much as an artist and all she ever really sang about was her exes doing her dirty, like, I honestly felt that there was this victim complex going on with her. It just kinda rubbed me the wrong way. It was all so very juvenile, like, she never grew up or took responsibility. Then her stupid single "We Are Never Getting Back Together" just reaffirmed all of what I had thought and stated. So that's my whole spiel.
  7. Bad Girl or Angel????

    This, right here! There's just something about "Angel" that just... it's too... dare I say, perfect.
  8. YouTube reaction videos

    YES, YES and YES!
  9. YouTube reaction videos

    Oh for sure! I mean, can you blame him it's a hot song and the video is just fire! Also, does anybody else find this guy seriously hot?
  10. Do College Kids Know 80s Music...

    "So this song was a huge part of 1980s culture. [referring to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun] It set trends as Lauper wore bright, outrageous clothes in the music videos. It helped set the stage for artists like Madonna" Ok, I had to stop the video there. I mean, I'm not trying to nit pick here but am I the only one really annoyed with that bit of commentary thrown at the end there?! Like, bitch, really?! You're seriously gonna try and shade Madonna. The constant need to compare and tear female artists is quite tiring. Can't imagine how it was for some of y'all in the 80s when both Madonna and Cyndi were both neck and neck on the charts. The whole, who's better? Who did it better? If anything Madonna had her own style. Obviously with the help of friend stylists and if they're referring to the whole corset dress Madonna was more so referencing Spanish culture not Cyndi Lauper for crying out loud but whatever.
  12. I hate how everybody overlooks the damn email you know, the one where supposedly Madonna gave Gagz her consent to rip-off her song EY in which later on turned out to be one of her countless lies thus, exposing the bitch I mean cunt!
  13. Got my Rebel Heart tattoo!

    Really nice ❤️👌🏼