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  1. I really thought Ghosttown had a shot for pop vocal nod. Do you think RH short-listed? I'm curious to know where it ranked and/or if/how discussions about it's consideration played out.
  2. Go Diplo! Sexy and smart wins the race. Ghosttown will get its due in the lexicon of eternity. It's timeless and beautiful
  3. Yea I just saw On Twitter, German building airplay chart: #191 [+95] #DevilPray
  4. They do have to campaign and it could even start now. Maybe her management can use how overlooked she was in the 80s vs what LAP has become in pop culture as a stepping stone to ignite the process of campaigning. BIM's current video popularity is also kind of unprecedented in the realm of veteran artists, no?
  5. Damn u guys r right, there is no best female pop vocal category anymore! Wtf?!
  6. I hope she finally wins a best pop vocal female performance for Ghosttown! It's a travesty that she has yet to win that one for how long she's been around. Not right. Damn, I'd like to see this entire album get the glory it's earned
  7. How do we know it will get higher?This is excellent news!!
  8. I even thought the dude who she's piggybacking prior around 1:02 seems to drop her to the ground too hard? She can take any beating! The balloon trip, the hole in the fishnets, the dry humping are all awesome real moments that add to the craziness. I love her.
  9. omg I never noticed the dancing ass!! amazing haha
  10. That's why I'm eCstatic this is getting attention -make them all stew even more! We r close to 6 million!!!!! She looks so confident in it too - love it!!
  11. Yup, I'd love to see this album get the recognition it deserves at the Grammys, especially after the asshole reception it got from radio. They usually favor veterans, nows the time to do right by her.
  12. So if she was to act 56, then say hello to Hot 100? Not likely. I think it's awesome that Swifty's are in a panic about the 24 hour vevo record being threatened. Kind of cool that an older hot woman can still generate panic in the heart of the kiddies!
  13. Omg is this the morning after or the pre-party? Who cares, I'm soo excited!!
  14. That's great I wasn't aware Tidal views counted!! - people are just flipping out on twitter
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