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  1. I think the only one I agree on is Love Spent.
  2. I woke up today with this song stuck in my head for some reason.
  3. You can delete them from iTunes and then when it asks if you want to also remove the files, say no. That way the files are on your computer but you don't have dupes in iTunes.
  4. I LOVE the Marilyn Monroe-esque one of her with the blonde hair smiling with the title tattooed on her forearm.
  5. I am finally getting my best friend to listen to Rebel Heart and he said he doesn't like Devil Pray so far! I am so sad. I love this song!!
  6. I wonder if we'll ever see the "final" mixes from this and other songs see an official CD release.
  7. Messiah is now my third most listened to track off Rebel Heart!
  8. I am really not a fan of the cover I have, which is the B&W image of her face tied up in the black cord.
  9. I'm down to compare track for track like that, flawed and silly as it is. 1. Living For Love vs Hung Up 2. Devil Pray vs Get Together 3. Ghosttown vs Sorry 4. Unapologetic Bitch vs Future Lovers 5. Illuminati vs I Love New York 6. Bitch I'm Madonna vs Let It Will Be 7. Hold Tight vs Forbidden Love 8. Joan Of Arc vs Jump 9. Iconic vs How High 10. HeartBreakCity vs Isaac 11. Body Shop vs Push 12. Holy Water vs Like It Or Not 13. Inside Out vs Fighting Spritit 14. Wash All Over Me Rebel Heart=3 vs Confessions=10
  10. I get that. Some artists for me are like that. I can't pick a favorite Pearl Jam album at all. I love them all the same for very different reasons. But for me, Madonna is one I can totally rank her albums and compare between them.
  11. Confessions is my second favorite Madonna album of all time, so it would take a lot (and some time) for me to say anything is better. I usually wait a few years before starting to think things like that, as whatever the new shiny thing is seems like my favorite for a while. I waited until like 2008 to say for sure that I thought Confessions was better than Like A Prayer (my former #2).
  12. Yeah I don't think it's for effect. I'd have to hear the demo version to be sure.
  13. The use of auto tune for deliberate effect is totally fine with me. But with Ghosttown (and Devil Pray for that matter) it just doesn't seem for effect, it seems like it's to fix pitch issues. Ghosttown is a simple straightforward ballad vocal, with no need for deliberate vocal effects and I don't think they were going for that. You can hear subtle use of auto tune to "correct" the pitch of her vocals all throughout the song. For example, at the beginning when she sings "everything's bound to break sooner or later" on the word "break" it's very obviously corrected. I was told by someone in the know that this was the demo vocal track that, for time, had to be used for the final version, due to the leakage of the demos and the need to get the album finished and released quickly. I understand and accept that, I just wish that this had not been the case and she could have had time to re-record and really nail the vocal, like she usually does.
  14. I loved the video. Really fits the song, gorgeously shot and well executed. As always, she looks fantastic and moves amazingly. Great work madonna and Jonas Akerlund!
  15. The only thing I hate is the tiny trace of auto tune on her vocal. Not for cool synth effect, which I'm fine with, but to fix off key singing. We all know she can sing it right without any help, so take the time to do that! Other than that, I love Ghosttown. My favorite song on Rebel Heart, I think.
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