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  1. Damn. I was foolish enough to hope that the bonus tracks would be made available to stream on the one year anniversary lol
  2. So... Still no word about the bonus tracks being added to streaming services?
  3. I can't help but feel a bit disappointed that Madame X didn't get any Grammy nominations. I thought it would've gotten a little recognition for being such a brilliant album.
  4. I am also waiting for the bonus tracks to be made available to stream! Glad I'm not the only one. I only have hope they will do it because they did it with the Rebel Heart EP... It may never actually happen.
  5. I wonder if the deluxe tracks will ever get added to streaming services. I keep waiting...
  6. Does anyone think the bonus tracks will ever be released to streaming like what they did with the Rebel Heart EP?
  7. MedellĂ­n Extreme Occident Faz Gostoso I Don't Search I Find Crazy
  8. I'm so happy she hit #1. No one can take that away from her even if the sales decline dramatically from here on out.
  9. It's been one week and I've literally been listening to the album every single day. I can't stop. Is this an unhealthy obsession? lol I'm glad this forum is here so I don't feel alone!
  10. What a great interview. I was expecting a performance so I'm a bit disappointed on that front but I'm still enjoying this. I would've loved a comment from her after listening to Material Girl. lol
  11. Is there a better photo of the price list? Just curious how much everything costs.
  12. Does anyone know what Hoopla Digital is? It's a free music service offered by libraries in the US and Canada. Everytime someone borrows an item it costs around $2. Anyway, MX is featured as a new release and is currently #10 on the chart. Not sure if this contributes to any Billboard chart but at least it generates revenue for MX so Mercy can keep getting those expensive piano lessons lol
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