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  1. There's a movement happening...and it's real. All of you naysayers need to get in line, or you're going to get soccer balls upside yo heads.
  2. Oh, NO. There are Madonna "fans" on this board who are already looking at Fandango for their tickets. They can't wait to put money in rat's pocket and watch a movie making Madonna look horrible.
  3. I so want Madonna to post this clip!
  4. Oh, another interesting bit of news, the producer of this movie is the producer of the "50 Shades Of Grey" films. The second film in the franchise was directed by James Foley, director of the "Papa Don't Preach" video and the "Who's That Girl?" movie.
  5. It will be interesting to see if Universal doubles down and continues forward with this. What did Guy O say about the movie?
  6. I think Madonna's "fuming" because douche-bags are "telling her story" and it's filled with lies and distortion. Anyway, who is going to be the NEW Madonna? I can't wait to see who these creeps cast!
  7. Why would she think that? And if she takes charge of the biopic, it will be to roll the script up and shove it in Ratner's gaga-loving ass.
  8. I think what they are doing here is the industry people realize that they failed to copy and replace Madonna with gaga. So now they are going to just RECAST Madonna, steal her name and persona and give it to some girl who they control. This NEW Madonna will debut with re-recordings of Madonna's songs from the first album. Then they will transition her to her "own" music, which will be copies of Madonna's style. Of course, the movie could have a sequel and lead into Like A Virgin.
  9. I read a gossip report on twitter that Paris Jackson was going to be cast as Madonna in Blonde Ambition. Surely, this is not true.
  10. Here's an interesting bit of news from Deadline Hollywood's article about Madonna's Instagram post about the film: " Interestingly enough, NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer used to rep the singer while he was an agent at CAA." The weasels are starting to become clear.
  11. I think Madonna will use the Force and just say no.
  12. Even in the script that has been seen, there is no focus on Madonna as a songwriter at all. She appears to be referring to that in her Instagram post. This movie is probably going to portray her as a slut, using sex to get to the top. It is yet another attempt to reshape history and try to destroy her legacy and all the hard work she put into her career.
  13. Just because the script for "Blonde Ambition" was on the Black List, read and liked by some fans doesn't mean that is what is being produced. The script may have had a rewrite or been tweaked to make Madonna look bad. Madonna has made it clear she is against this thing. If some fans want to go pre-order their tickets at Fandango to see this movie, they defy the QUEEN at their own risk.