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  1. Anitta's team confirmed there would be no Faz Gostoso video. M is in full rehearsal mode and she won't have time to fly to Brazil. Anitta is touring. that's it
  2. I think it will be a very simple music video. Nothing special like Dark Ballet or God Control. More like Crave. Just people dancing, singing, no story line.
  3. Anitta is basically touring at the moment so there's no way she goes to NYC to shoot with Madonna. Unless Madonna is the one going!
  4. So we all got excited for nothing, great…
  5. Good. So it might go up to 71/72 when Mojo is added.
  6. What show does Cooper actually host? I mean, what show where she could be? Because to me all of his shows seem very serious/not talk-show-y. Still can't believe she's performing tonight. I need to see it before my eyes because I've been desperate all week for a performance…
  7. Oh, I see. But what would she shoot with him? He doesn't have a talk show or anything, right?
  8. I think he means Anderson Cohen, not Cooper.
  9. What?! A DISCO OUTFIT? Yaaaay! Did they literally say that she's performing or you're just guessing? Sorry to bother you with that but I've been desperate for a performance this entire week aha
  10. Crave with just a guitar would be AMAZING. A super stripped-down version. That's what people need to see: a vulnerable Madonna
  11. I hope the surprise is the video she talked about in that Spanish interview. The thing the album trailer was taken from.
  12. Billboard doesn't review albums anymore because they were forced to like everything at first and then 3 years later they would publish something like "after a lukewarm/disappointing album blahblahblah" They were essentially giving 70-100 scores.
  13. There was NEVER a plan to cancel or censor it, it's just someone in here who made a joke. Jesus…
  14. So, we have no idea when she's shooting this and no one's going?!
  15. When is she shooting this? Is anyone going?
  16. The second version is out of the top 200, that's not what's gonna help her be #1 when she's currently #4 on UK iTunes… The second version helped when it was #15 but now it's basically selling 3 copies/hour.
  17. Where did you see that? Because I read the opposite, just an interview...
  18. 1. God Control 2. Looking For Mercy 3. I Don't Search I Find 4. Dark Ballet 5. Extreme Occident
  19. A big rapper released his album in France and he's gonna get the #1.
  20. Mojo gave her a 80. The review is not out yet but the journalist told me on Twitter!
  21. It didn't go up because they also added Rolling Stone's 60.
  22. Variety doesn't count (only their movies reviews count) Stereogum doesn't count The LA Times obviously count (and feels like a 40, at most………… terrible and unfair review)
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