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      Hello, I just wondered if you are able to share one of your codes?

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      Well done! 

  2. ^^^^She needs to get over it all ready my god she is so weak and pathetic to keep banging on about it!! She doesn't deserve to be Madonna with that attitude
  3. ^^^I've just discovered the ignore button- you should do the same- this is so pointless and going nowhere.
  4. Being a Madonna fun is open to all, im pretty sure!? And you dont seem to understand that you are also bitching, about the people that you consider to be bitching...exasperating the whole thing. You (and others) have also had your say 10 fold about all the irrational, sensitive, loons on here so take your own advice and move on and accept that people do not share your hard ass, take no prisoners, point of view. There is also another thread!? Just saying... Also, why on earth people are saying its borderline frightening and that the world is becoming a scary place because fans were unhappy about the reaction, i do not know?! Bit much...
  5. This has been going on since Monday!! No one is a weak ass bitch, or fragile, or a little monster, or a loon or a nut!! I don't get why people on here are still calling out others on this for expressing, in some cases, the bare minimum of upset or frustration?! There has been another thread set up for all the 'true' Madonna fans if this thread is too unstable for some people...that thread is hilarious tbf and i've lolling at the posts all week, but im not about to start calling people out on being insensitive bastards because they are doing there thing differently to how i would!? Some people are more bothered than others. End of! But no one is thinking they are going to die over this and everyone is aware that she will live to see another scandal!!
  6. it's so ridiculous how all these people in the public eye are asking what would happen if it was the other way around?! They dont seem to understand that it was rehearsed!? He tipped his head back, he knew what was coming- and it's coachella not the nickelodeon awards...If it had been the other way around it would have been fine too in the circumstance...good morning Britain were discussing it yesterday basically saying how disgusting it all was and that Madonna was out of order for kissing without consent LOL LOL LOL
  7. Haha, no doubt they will be white, plastic kitten heels...you strike me as that kinda fangirl
  8. What a dick head you are to say something so stupid....
  9. I appreciate the sentiment but this is exactly my point....i am not taking it personally, it wasn't me up there! I think i speak for everyone who feels badly about this episode when i say that no ones health is going to ruined by Coachella or the aftermath and we are fully aware of that. There is a visual being created where we are all running round like headless chickens, anxiously clutching our hankies, its obsurd.
  10. Agree!! You know, I joined this forum because in my family and social group i am the only Madonna fan and was tired of having conversations with people who only knew half a story or were just going on what they had read or heard. But i've come to realise that it's more volatile talking about Madonna, with her actual fans then it is Joe Bloggs. There are so many sista gurl queens on here who think they are the perfect example of what a fan should be its ridiculous. Some people are upset about this, deal with it. Don't be rude, dismissive, obnoxious....what is the point...no one is being too sensitive and im sure that no ones day has been ruined by this. People are just expressing themselves and there frustration with the bad press which i agree with! I dont like it, its not nice to hear people laughing at her and saying shes a joke...yes its nothing in the grand scheme of things but as i keep saying this a madonna forum and people can have their feelings without being told how ridiculous, sensitive, fragile they are being....
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