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  1. She looked so bemused by him Such a shame she had to share the sofa, a star of her status should not have to sit and listen to Cheryl Crow touting her wares
  2. I was mortified! It was like my big fat gypsy wedding on my row- thankfully (for Madonna) we were on the balcony so she won’t have heard the shit the wreck heads next to me were shouting out! Good old Brit’s ey!!
  3. There were only a handful of empty seats that I saw?! Was an amazing experience and was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed and easy going she was. She signed a fans foot and told him his feet stank and were too hairy One fan was going on a bit and she said ‘you can sit down now’ she is so sassy in a non offensive way- just a total bad bitch and I love her even more after last night. Oh another funny moment- graham said the album was her baby and she opened her legs and said she was currently in labour and something about the baby’s head being in position. One fa
  4. ?

    1. Rainbow


      Hello, I just wondered if you are able to share one of your codes?

    2. Rainbow


      Well done! 

  5. I got one too! I entered with two email addresses and my boyfs and been sent three sets of unique codes. Now I think that everyone who entered will get a code and the challenge is actually trying to redeem a set of tickets tomorrow morning.
  6. I’m in the minority but I really enjoyed it all- vocals were shaky to start but otherwise was a good performance, didn’t expect so much negativity. Loved the interval!
  7. It would be insane not to perform this at Eurovision?!? OMG I’m gagging- it’s perfection!
  8. It’s 00:05 on the 10th May- I need that song!! Been nursing my last glass of red so I can put my headphones in and get lost in its richness! I’ve had the 15 second preview on for the last two hours, I need to know what the rest sounds like.... Jesting aside, do we know when it’s available for download?! I’m thirsty! **edit** It’s here! Wow!! This is what I waited for!!!
  9. I think it will! We have 3.5 hours to get 250,000 more views- I’m estimating 3.8 at the 24 hour mark. Did expect a bit more with Maluma and the next level quality of the video!!
  10. Haha, how basic am I?!? I didn’t know that...now purchased!
  11. I realised it’s because I pay for a month subscription with Apple Music! There are no prices on my iTunes at all!! I want to buy it!
  12. I still have no idea how to do that! I pre ordered the albums and the song automatically downloaded. I’ve tried to buy the track stand alone and can’t see it anywhere. I have cancelled the pre orders and still can’t seem to buy the song? So confused.
  13. I’ve pre ordered both albums but I can’t see the single?! I’ve looked in daily charts on iTunes and I can’t see it at all?! Help!
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