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  1. Good time to release a best of Remix CD all 50 #1's plus one new track. Maybe in megamix form.
  2. I live for the dance remixes this era. Madame RemiXed please
  3. Loving these remixes! The singles may have been ignored but she's ruling the dance chart.
  4. This pig think she's always right and she did diss the Queen for her God Control video. That other pig David Hog (appropriate last name for a smelly barnyard animal) was smart enough to keep his trap shut.
  5. I love I Rise minus the pig nosed barnyard creature squealing in the beginning.
  6. I see it being#1 too. Such a different sound for the Queen that caught the fans off guard at first. Relistening to it months later it's a great feel good track.
  7. It's alright nothing special but imo prefer Tracy Young's mix.
  8. Medellin still sounds like a solid first single months later.
  9. Thank you to the other remixers for not showcasing that squealing pig faced girl.
  10. I'll listen to it on Spotify while driving but been awhile since I played the CDs.
  11. Hopefully less of the pig on those new remixes.
  12. Not very fitting in that environment but it was pleasing to actually hear her latest single in public instead of her old 80's or 90's tunes.
  13. I ordered my regular vinyl not with her store but another online retailer and I got a deep crease on the upper right corner. It was on the black portion so it won't show as much. Madame Crease
  14. I own the Japan 2-cd. The SHM Sound quality not much of an improvement over regular version imo.
  15. Heard "Crave" in a Chinese restaurant.
  16. #18 Billboard Dance Chart this week *fingers crossed* she gets her 48th #1
  17. Just heard about this person recently. Likely one of these new manufactured things who are here today and gone today.
  18. MTV Catering to the youth. God Control song & video made people think and got people talking yet nothing.
  19. Those two tracks Come Alive or Killers could actually work with a Moroccan setting. I think her makeup artist mentioned Morocco in one of his Instagram posts earlier this year.
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