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  1. No wrinkles.....either a good surgeon or genes. MC looks at least 15 years younger than her actual age.
  2. One of my fave tracks from AFY!!!
  3. All For You is a splendid album to listen to in the Summer
  4. I remember the hype sticker of 12 #1's on some CD of hers. Bitch you have 11
  5. Is she balding to resort to those cheap ugly wigs?
  6. Her name is attached to those 10 #1 hits more than Paula Abdul who has 6.
  7. So many problems in our world today especially in England......Ms. Jackson <if you're Nasty> will indeed deliver on her epic STATE OF THE WORLD TOUR
  8. A well-deserved release Rare remixes and previously unreleased tracks I hope!!!
  9. Looks like a scene from the Honey video
  10. Mariah needs a new image, sound, and work with the hottest producers today. She is still fairly young to crank out those #1's
  11. And it got shipped back - paraphrasing a Janet Jackson quote. Janet is still relevant just like our Queen.
  12. This woman won several prestigious music awards and acted in tv and movies
  13. Ahem, 19 #1's on the U.S. dance chart just sayin'