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  1. Not retired just yet. Janet still got some juice left in her to finish her tour and hit the recording studio.
  2. The last decent Janet album......
  3. Ghosttown would've been a global mega hit with proper promo and a better record label.
  4. Mariah looks so ageless
  5. We need a new single, album, video, & live promo performances
  6. How about having a contest for fans to design her next album cover like what Janet did
  7. M should've played Beauty in that new film not Emma Watson.
  8. Janet should retire, sit back, and relish her long legacy she leaves behind.
  9. Our Queen needs a proper record label who will treat her right. Her last two album eras were a mess chartwise
  10. That woman has 18 #1 singles the most by ANY solo artist and 2nd only to The Beatles.
  11. Will she ever get another #1 hit or even a top five or ten?
  12. What about Mizzz Jackson if yo Nasty?