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  1. Madonna IS Madame ❌

  2. Counting the Japan Tour edition. I already bought 6 versions of Rebel Heart!
  3. Wasn't planning on ordering. Have so many different versions. I weakened for the DVD
  4. Let the DJ shake you....Let the DJ shake you....
  5. Rebel Heart for 4th single. Title track is always an M single
  6. Happy with even a #100 smash for BIM. At least 1 RH track charted on the Billboard Hot 100!
  7. Pity it was staged, thought it was some random young married guy astonished to be close to a living legend.
  8. Ghosttown is a flawless masterpiece. Its timeless. Bitch I'm Madonna is too trendy & we'll see if it makes dent on Hot 100
  9. Ghosttown video is so beautiful. It makes me cry. Our Queen nailed it with an amazing mini-movie. Bitch I'm Madonna is ok....
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