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  1. Indeed a chameleon. Even had a music video showcasing her reinventions. The stale Girlie Show haircut and drab clothes got to go.
  2. 1. Mariah Carey - Self titled debut (all 4 singles went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart) plus debuts of Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Whitney Houston, Robbie Williams, Toni Braxton, & Michael Buble
  3. A tattooed irrelevant freak show. They don't know how to put on an entertaining show for TV viewers.
  4. I just saw two versions online US & UK....which one is better?
  5. Thank you lennylu I just got the Diamond 3-cd deluxe. Beautifully packaged I might add. Haven't had a chance to give it a listen just yet. But this will be all the Elton I need. Seems to have the ones I like from a casual listener point of view
  6. Forever Gold better than that tacky Cher Abba covers album.
  7. I like that Daniel song. Pure 70's Elton at his peak.
  8. Thanks! I was debating between Diamonds, Greatest Hits volume1-3, Definitive Hits, and Greatest Hits: 1970-2002. He's a fat bitter old fuck but his songs are bonafide classics and he sells a shitload of albums.
  9. I still see racks of his latest album collecting dust in stores.
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