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  1. Ghosttown would've been a global mega hit with proper promo and a better record label.
  2. Mariah looks so ageless
  3. We need a new single, album, video, & live promo performances
  4. How about having a contest for fans to design her next album cover like what Janet did
  5. M should've played Beauty in that new film not Emma Watson.
  6. Janet should retire, sit back, and relish her long legacy she leaves behind.
  7. Our Queen needs a proper record label who will treat her right. Her last two album eras were a mess chartwise
  8. That woman has 18 #1 singles the most by ANY solo artist and 2nd only to The Beatles.
  9. Will she ever get another #1 hit or even a top five or ten?
  10. What about Mizzz Jackson if yo Nasty?
  11. WTP it sounds like a surefire #1 hit!
  12. I'm actually listening to the Electric Youth album as I skim the boards. I overplayed the debut to death. I like the vibe of the 2nd album especially the opening track! Plus Over The Wall and Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) gets honorable mentions. I think there were some acoustic versions on some old cassette singles. She could've easily released a 5th single from EY.