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  1. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

  2. Will Wait for a deep discount for this cd/dvd release due to the stupid editings and ommissions.
  3. Survival Sample in New Hip Hop Song

    How nice of them
  4. Should have been bigger: Living For Love

    This The chorus of Ghosttown gives me life
  5. Should have been bigger: Living For Love

    Ghosttown should've been the first single. It wasn't the first batch of demos that leaked.
  6. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    She needs to put food on the plate for the kids.
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    "All I Want" Movie Animated movie based on her iconic Christmas song, AIWFCIY. New song for animated Christmas film "The Star" Mariah has recorded a song for the upcoming animated Christmas movie "The Star". Scheduled to hit theaters this holiday season, the animated film about the first Christmas ever will feature the voices of Steven Yeun, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, Keegan-Michael Key, Anthony Anderson, Kelly Clarkson, and additional appearances by Oprah Winfrey, Tracy Morgan and Tyler Perry. The film is set to be released on November 10, 2017 by Columbia Pictures. Mariah to Executive Produce TV Drama Based on Her Life Story Carey will executive produce the as-yet untitled project which will tell the tale of an ambitious bi-racial teen from a difficult background who goes on to become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. The Starz network will reportedly air the drama, which is set in New York City in 1986 and is written by Nina Colman. Its team of executive producers include Stella Bulochnikov and Brett Ratner. Unreleased song with Busta Rhymes ("Where I Belong") The music video has been shot (directed by Chris Robinson). OMG she's so busy this upcoming holiday season! I hope she gets her much deserved 19th #1!
  8. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    True she's talented. She may not be much of a dancer but boy she sure can sing.
  9. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Doubt it....other songs have tried & failed yet Mimi conquers 21 years later. "One Sweet Day" still remains the longest running #1 hit in Billboard Hot 100 chart history
  10. GMAYL was a big #1 hit on i-tunes. So it was loved by the general public.
  11. Favorite CD arts from Madonna's studio albums?

    I need to find a cheap price of the Erotica gold CD
  12. I love that breezy track GMAYL. Total surf & sand song! I loved the version without the rap too.
  13. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    A toss up between IC & STR