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  1. LFL, HW, HBC & BIM...fucking amazing!!
  2. Yup the show was delayed, can't say I was bothered in the slightest! At one point the crowd started booing, then they turned the music up and the boos turned into cheers, and alot of people started to dance (a bit of MJ goes along way...). The show was still amazing regardless of the delay. The set was cut short which was a shame, but we still got a dam good show!!!!
  3. Can't believe it's only a few hours away!! Hope everyone has a magical night.
  4. JDNA

    Manchester 14th Dec!!

    I'm on Block 117, which is right on the side of the stage. Having looked it up, I was a little worried that we had bad seats, but checked out some youtube videos and it looks fine. Roll on December!!
  5. JDNA

    Manchester 14th Dec!!

    I'm going, can't believe I managed to get tickets! It'll be an amazing night