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  1. I use a program to raise the volume of "quiet" songs. I don't whether this will help or not, but it's called MP3Gain and I find it very useful sometimes. It's quite easy to use as well. (I'm almost sure it's free)
  2. lol of course it's madonna, this discussion is pointless
  3. Oh gosh, I love this intro so much. Kinda like a prayer to me.
  4. gust_v_


    MUST be the opener of the RH Tour.
  5. gust_v_


    Great track, love the JML references.
  6. Everytime I listen to this I feel an urge to scream "who do you think you are??" Definitely a grower.
  7. This and BIM are the songs that have grown on me the most... Used to hate them but now I really like them. Love the harmonies in the last chorus.
  8. gust_v_


    I loooove this! One of my favs in the album. Maybe the cutest M song ever? "ah ah ah ah... you work in a body shop..."
  9. gust_v_

    I wonder why

    It is definitely a sample. In the demo versions of the song you can hear it more clearly, but it is still there in the official version.