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  1. I need a studio version of the tour version in my life. I really like Future but the tour version is stunning and takes it from a 6/10 song to a 10/10.
  2. God this record is so good and it’s not cause I’m drunk!
  3. Stunning video, so full of life and soul. Madonna looks amazing too.
  4. Why aren’t the bonus tracks on Apple Music yet!?!?!
  5. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Just got my black vinyl and the track-listing is incorrect, it says Future is on side a but its on side b - doesn't matter, just wondering if they are all like that.
  6. I think these reviewers heard Dark Ballet, realised there was no Hung Up and saw the eye-patch and it was too much for their tiny minds.
  7. Completely disagree with the whole ranking i didn't participate cause it wouldn’t let me
  8. Oh god yes, it literally ruins the whole song! Before I even new who she was I hated that audio clip thing... its just sooooooooo irritating. If we're on the subject of tweaking the album; I would definitely cut Quavo off of Future too, it'd be so much better without him - he was boring as fuck to watch on Eurovision, he sounds bored as fuck on the song. Cut Quavo and cut I Rise screaming girl!
  9. That was fascinating, wasn’t expecting much but it really was interesting with great footage. I wonder if there is going to be a full on documentary in this era - she is recording a lot of footage of stuff.
  10. Madonna isn’t cool, young or generic enough (I obvs think she’s cool!). I bet they don’t even nominate her. There seem to be more artists boycotting the Grammys each year, like Frank Ocean etc, because they are pretty meaningless these days and only recognise popularity over creativity.
  11. Couldn't agree more, chart positions are pretty meaningless these days and are definitely no indicator of quality. I think Madonna is ‘too Madonna’ for the older listener and not cool enough for the younger audience. She is stuck in between and it’s mostly only her core fanbase that care these days and I think that’s kinda cool. I bet there is nothing as creative and exciting as Dark Ballet or God Control on any album in that top 10. Let the general public keep their bland Ed Sheeran and clones music They’re the ones missing out.
  12. I don’t think there are any obvious singles and that’s a good thing in my opinion. I think Medellín was probably a good choice. God Control is too good to be misunderstood and under appreciated by the general public.
  13. I think Batuka might be my favourite on the album - it’s dark, soulful and brooding like Secret but also so full of energy. Also it’s so completely different to anything Madonna has done before.
  14. Never heard of Anitta or Maluma until MX (not big in the UK). Is her music any good?
  15. I missed that... what supposedly are her views?
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