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  1. Music Ray of Light Rebel Heart Erotica American Life Confessions on a Dancefloor Bedtime Stories Hard Candy MDNA Like a Prayer True Blue Like a Virgin Madonna I want Mirwais back on the next record. Mirwais, Diplo and Pharrell for the next one please.
  2. Inside Out surely has to be a single. It's so current and edgy, even radio 1 can't not play it.
  3. Graffiti Heart is dire Bitch I'm Madonna is a bit try hard Borrowed Time is okay but a bit cliche Beautiful Scars is okay but not as good as the rest Addicted is good but something is missing
  4. Unapologetic Bitch Hold Tight Inside Out Holy Water HeartBreakCity
  5. Living for love Devil pray Ghosttown Unapologetic bitch Illuminati Hold tight Joan of arc VVV HeartBreakCity Bodyshop Holy water Inside out Messiah Rebel heart Singles: living for love, inside out, Ghosttown
  6. Can't believe this didn't make the album! It shoulda replaced BIM or Iconic.
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