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  1. Are they on YouTube or something?
  2. I need a studio version of the tour version in my life. I really like Future but the tour version is stunning and takes it from a 6/10 song to a 10/10.
  3. God this record is so good and it’s not cause I’m drunk!
  4. Stunning video, so full of life and soul. Madonna looks amazing too.
  5. Why aren’t the bonus tracks on Apple Music yet!?!?!
  6. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. Just got my black vinyl and the track-listing is incorrect, it says Future is on side a but its on side b - doesn't matter, just wondering if they are all like that.
  7. I think these reviewers heard Dark Ballet, realised there was no Hung Up and saw the eye-patch and it was too much for their tiny minds.
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