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  1. I saw her DC but I just bought again (pre-sale) for Bangkok. Just can't get enough of this tour!!!
  2. My unfiltered shot. I feel so proud but a little annoyed, but yeah, more proud. She's watching me!!!
  3. She just instagrammed my DC photo tagged to the Philly show HAHAHAHA She didn't credit me though This is my original shot: http://instagram.com/p/7ju88YONl7/
  4. Hey guys, just arrived in DC. Came all the way from Bangkok, Thailand lol. Any tips on what time I should go in? I've got the VIP fan package. When the show ends, will it be difficult to get a cab back to my hotel? Will it be crowded? It's raining now so I'm quite worried he he Thanks and sorry for noob questions. Excited to see Madonna!!!
  5. DC on September 12th. Flying all the way from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm so wet in excitement!!!!
  6. Purely from the perspective of instagram as a modern day marketing tool, Madonna is the most "uncool" superstar in it at the moment. Her photos are almost always smudgy and blurry; and the quotes she posts are practically same as what you'd see on a 15-year old's Tumblr account. Rocco's impact?
  7. Do we have the production credits for each song? I can't seem to pinpoint.
  8. Totally blown out of proportion, urgh! But I think Madonna needs someone to screen her social media posts, prior. As stans, we know her humour and noble intent really well but sadly social media is a different playing field altogether. She probably thinks it's an intimate medium to share stuff with her fans, but unfortunately it isn't. And personally, I do find some of her posts cringe-worthy like the use of n-word and the cool mum persona to Rocco.
  9. I think this is my most favorite Madonna song of the decade. Such brilliant production. And I hope people can go past the drugs lyrics. So stupid that they misinterpret it. Anyone else thinks this could be about her brother/s?
  10. I think it's Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame (also produced Beyonce's XO). I'm assuming only though.
  11. Beautiful. Love the classic romantic Madonna touch. I assume this is the Ryan Tedder track?
  12. What the flying fuck? How could this be? I just arrived from work and then this? Are they demos or do they sound finished? Poor M....
  13. This is why she's such a phenomenally strong person, Madonna. Can you imagine being told to "retire" for a great part of your career? I probably I wouldn't, I'd just a walk away. There are so many to take inspirations from her. Our Queen.
  14. I love her to bits but her instagram captions make me cringe
  15. I love how she always posts about her children. So lovely. But I do hope she'd stop writing captions like how a teenager would.
  16. OH STFU already, David LaChapelle. It says a lot about the brevity of your work when you refer to that experience with Madonna as an awakening in your career. It's not like you were her favored photographer. You only worked on a few sessions, geez. If this were Herb Ritts or Meisel or even Testino, I'd have more empathy. Loser.
  17. It's telling that she didn't Instagram that moment with Elton
  18. I'm totally feeling the part when she sang "SHE KEEPS ME WAAAAARM..." such a tender loving use of the crow voice.
  19. Of course everybody here knows that she's not a racist. We are all Madonna fans. But for her to actually use a word that practically represents the collective hatred towards racism...well, it's stupid.
  20. That's really stupid of her. I know that wasn't her intention, but it's a really stupid move.
  21. I hope she can push for an album release yearend 2014, then start touring summer 2015?
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