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  1. Kafka on the Shore changed my life
  2. Do we have the production credits for each song? I can't seem to pinpoint.
  3. I think this is my most favorite Madonna song of the decade. Such brilliant production. And I hope people can go past the drugs lyrics. So stupid that they misinterpret it. Anyone else thinks this could be about her brother/s?
  4. I think it's Ryan Tedder of One Republic fame (also produced Beyonce's XO). I'm assuming only though.
  5. Beautiful. Love the classic romantic Madonna touch. I assume this is the Ryan Tedder track?
  6. What the flying fuck? How could this be? I just arrived from work and then this? Are they demos or do they sound finished? Poor M....
  7. Serious question from an Asian here. Do most immigrants do are rob and peddle street crime in big European cities? I was in Paris last month and I've been warned plenty of times about "gypsies" terrorizing the tourist areas BUT in my entire stay there, though I've seen some never did I feel that they're gonna rob me. It's too much of a generalization if you ask me. And I did feel guilty of having that initial thought.
  8. Is that her? Those legs look a bit chunkier for her
  9. What remix did they use for MDNA Tour? Gawd this song is AMAZING LIVE.
  10. I can't believe how magnanimous the damage that was caused by that Forbes article. Even in this side of the world, the news of it flopping is everywhere on radio
  11. ^ Yep I think she did that with Ugly Betty too. I remember there was an entire episode full of Confessions songs on the background. The Devil Wears Prada prominently had Jump too. Nothing like that this time around, except that obscure placement of GGW in that wrestling show watched by Probed.
  12. "And you can't get this shoes at the ALDO" - Nicki Minaj's verse in I Don't Give A Irony?
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