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  1. So true! I have been listening to "Music" again after many years and was quite surprised at how fresh it sounds! I would love for her to start doing that again - stop working with producers who are already big (Kanye, Diplo) and go back to finding fresh ones again (like she did with Mirwais, Stuart, even Orbitt to an extent). I think this has been the biggest problem since HC to be honest.
  2. I can accept GMAYL, GGL, TUTR and most of her singles since 2008 flopping - but LFL flopping is a huge mystery and injustice. I simply will never understand it. One of her carreer highlights.
  3. BIM Should have been the first single. It's got 1 million likes on Youtube - introduced her to a new generation of kids (some hated it - some loved it - but it put her back on the map) - And then she should have continued with LFL. LFL's production isn't bland at all - its just subtle. And at 57, she shouldn't have opted for subtle in her first single. In my opinion.
  4. Just because RH wasn't a commercial hit doesn't mean we have to turn around and say the album isn't good. It's great. One of her best. Production, song writing, very very good. DJ or no DJ. If it had been commercially successful, we would all be saying how amazing Diplo and the other DJ's were on it. Just saying.
  5. I don't love it, personally. It has huge potential, the chorus, verses, message.... and then that trap or drop or whatever we call it makes it sound like a big ole mess. Body Shop and JOA are tight Madonna songs made fresh. I also really like the production on Living For Love and Bitch I'm Madonna. But Toby Gad wins for me.
  6. Body Shop and Joan of Arc should have both been singles. The best of the bunch. Toby Gad all the way (Even though Iconic isn't great)
  7. I completely agree. This was the first time since Confessions that I was proud to be a fan. The singles, the rest of the album, the videos, the tour.. I was floored. MDNA did not help her in my opinion. She didn't gain any new fans during that era and probably lost a few. The quality was just not there and it felt lazy (TUTR video, anyone?). Long Live Rebel Heart.
  8. I was listening to the RS top 50 songs with friends last night and when we got to number 16, I played Ghosttown. They all loved it - yet kept saying 'I never heard it before!'... so sad. Terrible release strategy
  9. 3 comments: - Rebel Heart is amazing. Madonna is in a very tricky stage in her career given her age and the genre she is playing in. Rebel Heart does the impossible: it is catchy and modern while also mature (unlike MDNA). It succeeds on that level and that alone is a huge feat. It's given her back some artistry in the public's eye. - To that guy who thinks the Avicci sound is fresh... get a grip. Aviccii is more dated than a vocoder. Thank god she switched the sound around last minute. Sure, the demo of Rebel Heart is radio friendly BUt also dull, dull, dull. - Fans really don't like True Blue!! WTF... it's amazing (even if it is her most pop)
  10. I was just a tween. The Like A Virgin era kind of passed me by - I preferred other artists (Cindi Lauper, Duran Duran, Prince) .... BUT when she did Live To Tell I was floored. That's when I became a fan. While Cindi Lauper and Michael Jackson continued to look and sound the same way ... here was Madonna shaking everything up. Amazing (and yes, her best song - alongside LAP). I'd rather side with a rebel
  11. I hate to say it but BIM is a far better, more fun and more interesting video. LFL was an amazing song BUT the video was way too artsy for the GP - It was beautiful to watch once and then why watch it again? Ghosttown was the perfect song and the video was just.... cheesy - like an ad for a bad TV show. What a wasted opportunity. BIM is innovative and you want to keep watching it.
  12. I was surprised she did Body Shop on the tour. Fans seem to prefer a bunch of others (Joan, Rebel Heart, Unaologetic..). And the fact that she used one big body shop specific set says a lot. It means she likes it. It's also my favorite song on the album. 4th single please (Even though I love Unapologetic Bitch).
  13. Completely agree. I was a tween when I got the cassette and remember thinking it was my favorite song on the album at the time. Loved it. If she sang that in the tour it would crush me!
  14. This is the best song on the album by far. And the most radio friendly. I hope she would realize that. It's also her sweetest melody since Cherish in my opinion. Lovely late summer tune.. come on! Video!
  15. She needs a single or radio remix of an existing song so all the fans can buy it the first week and it can go Hot 100. The Rebel Heart demo is fantastic (but she hates Aviccii now so unlikely) - Or a poppier Joan of Arc...releasing a track her hard core fans already have would be a mistake chartwise.
  16. I agree. She has selected 3 very different singles and radio ignored them all. But I think the BIM video has done what a first single should have done - announce the fact that she is still around to millions of young people. Most people didn't know she had new music out - as per the Youtube comments (is she still here?). Her Vevo subscription tripled with this video alone. It makes you wonder whether her management should take advantage of this newfound 'fame' and give another single a shot. And I do think Body Shop is very mass and different for her...
  17. Let's be honest. Body Shop is her last hope for an actual hit from RH. It's sweet (Cherish?), but also new and different... new single ! (ps. I love Candy Shop)
  18. LOL.... If you think Madonna blurting out a bunch of dated drug references is a good idea then you are as delusional as her management team. After the BIM video hate, I'd like to take a break from hearing GP accusing her wanting to be hip. Bring on Body Shop, Joan Of Arc or even RH and kill it.
  19. I don't hear any silly and not very interesting drug references in Body Shop - do you? Can you imagine what a field day haters will have once again with madonna talking about drugs and trying to be 'hip' with the kids? Come on - Body Shop is mature and interesting at the same time... radio friendly friendly indeed.
  20. Devil Pray has a lot of good things - but the lyrics are a problem in my opinion. They;re not in your face, they're just not very good - listing out a bunch of drugs doesn't do anything for me. Other than that , the song is amazing. I do think the time is right after BIM for either Joan Of Arc (she just took a lot of criticism for BIM) or... Body Shop - it's radio ready and strange at the same time...
  21. I wasn't a fan of Devil Pray until I heard the Dirty Pop remix! Pretty amazing. I am glad she is taking advantage of the massive BIM video popularity to release a follow up and more radio friendly one. If she does release a video for Devil's Pray it will instantly attract more views than the first two singles thanks to BIM. BIM = should have been the initial promo single in retrospect.
  22. I think there will be a fourth single. It would be silly not to take advantage of the video success of BIM. She tripled her Vevo subscribers with just one video and has everyone noticing her - for good or bad. Before BIM, only fans knew she had an album out. Now everyone does. Hopefully they will be smart with this and do a proper next single. Unapologetic Bitch, Joan, Body Shop would top my list of choices. I really would hate for her to keep taking crap for trying to be young with Devil Pray's drug references and Iconic's lyrics are kinda dreadful (Iconic, Ironic.. yikes)...
  23. Body Shop (this really should be a single) Joan of Arc Ghosttown Holy Water Inside Out
  24. Body Shop. Best song on the album by far. And, in my opinion, th eonly one that can cross over to mainstream.
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