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  1. BREAKING: at least 118 killed in the concert hall
  2. If they are planning on releasing a new single it should definitely be "Best Night"!
  3. I cannot believe that we have already gotten 3 videos before the tour has started! I wonder if we will be getting anymore this era
  4. i love the video!!!! something she has never done before, the fact that she is still doing new innovative things 30 years into her career says alot
  5. Oh no It was like in HD too, guess we will have to wait until tomorrow for the full thing in real 1080p quality
  6. i found a good quality one on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9cCUZFhcgc
  7. Im not really a new M fan but the wait for the LFL video was the worse wait for me, I don't really know why.. Maybe because they released the song December?
  8. Her posts on Instagram make me feel like the video isn't finished
  9. I'm guessing you haven't heard this one yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhangsuCCHI
  10. Hold Tight (Demo 5) is so much better than what is on the album, lyrically and vocally. Sigh Rebel Heart is a great album and i love all of the demos AND the final versions of the songs soo much but that version of Hold Tight would have blended in so much better than with the version that we have
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