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  1. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aWMsOTE4MzEzNDd8MXZPeHd3RU9BYWd4Qt4fvoamAYxjwz66C1Zep4J00GgnW9gWHID_HJbaQxMp
  2. https://www.periscope.tv/w/aWMoeTE4MzEzNDd8MUx5eEJwZEVPa0xHTrQ8IR3cTiO-fxr0MXOJ6wz_kSqJqDtKjrwI1lkY6tDZ
  3. Any pics of the extensions EDIT: Nevermind. I posted press pics!
  4. Rebel Heart is probably my favorite M album! (It will always be in my top 3 of her albums too)
  5. Why would Madonna's team pull the plug if the venue had no problem with the show going on late? Maybe a technical difficulty happened and she just did Holiday because why would they wait 20-30 minutes for the stuff to get fixed for one song?
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