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  1. I love how the city is one of the main characters in the video. There's roughness in the city for sure, but this video shows this concrete beauty in full glory. NYC is the place that made Madonna in a way, and the video is a beautiful homage to that creative pulse.
  2. Yeah, I understand what you mean. The waiting makes us anxious, and when it comes to Madonna, we always want more, more, more. It's just like she sings: "Happy with ten, happier with twenty / If you like a penny, wouldn't you like many much more?"
  3. I think they are just following the strategy that was laid out in the very beginning and discussed in this Billboard article: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8509948/madonna-madame-x-album-campaign-rollout. It's not about pushing individual singles like in the old days. It's about offering people tasters of what's to come, different kind of songs for different target groups. Nothing has been rush released, as the strategy has remained the same from very beginning. The main focus is on the album itself. It's just like the President of Maverick Music Greg Thompson says in the interview above: “[The album] is a journey, and there are a lot of chapters,” Thompson explains of the decision to slowly trickle out five tracks ahead of the release, a deviation from Madonna’s previous rollouts. – – “In a world where we’re more song-driven than we’ve been in a long time as an industry, it became a real question and a challenge: How do we make sure that people really understand this album by the time it comes out, but still have songs that can be hit singles in certain areas? – – I think we have a good shot to get a top five club record with some [‘Medellín’] remixes, and get that song into people’s spaces that they might not anticipate.” So the promotional strategy is about making people understand the album that is maybe more complex than a regular Madonna album. And when it comes to getting hits, I think they have very moderate expectations - such as getting a top five hit on the club chart. I really want the album to succeed but I really don't care about getting hit singles. Madonna is focusing on the tour & future performances right now, and that is just great. Rest assured, there will be more album promotion in the coming weeks, but the whole promotional concept is different this time.
  4. Same here. Lately I’ve been listening to Wash all over me – such a powerful message. And the lyrics are pure poetry. But every era is different. Madonna has taught me to like so many different things before, and this time maybe more than ever with all the different genres of music on Madame X. It’s OK to feel disappointment too, but as a fan I feel I need to challenge myself a bit more. After all, you’re frozen if your...
  5. Such good points about the role of the artists and the curator. I too would love to see an exhibition like this, one that delves into the myriad of references found in Madonnas work. I think the Bowie exhibition would be a great starting point for something like this as it was all about the references and the cultural impact.
  6. This has been such a grower for me. Now I like to listen to it and Live to Tell together, they're like a power couple on my Madame X playlist. The song tells a story that I can very much relate to. For me, the song is all about the line "freedom's what you choose to do with what's been done to you". I really live to tell THAT. At the moment I give it a 9 (with a bullet).
  7. My thoughts exactly. I visited the Dior exhibition at the V&A Museum in London in February and thought to myself: Madonna needs an exhibition like this. I'm sure it would draw massive crowds, and every wannabe fashionista with their fake Chanels would be fighting over the tickets. But most of all, it would be such a treat for us fans - just like the recent detail-heavy Bowie exhibition. As for the compilations, I did enjoy Celebration too. Kudos for including Burning up! Plus the artwork was brilliant. The only thing not worth celebrating was Revolver - however I do enjoy the euro-trash quality of the title track. I would love to get a proper career encompassing box set, which was in the works already before GHV2. At least I remember Caresse Henry mentioning it. But then it was scrapped for some reason. And didn't Madonna already discard the idea of a collection with unreleased material at some point. That sure sounds like her as she is the least nostalgic artist I know and also too much of perfectionist to release anything that she's not 100% happy about. Though I would love to get an album's worth of Your Honesty... I believe that there will be a lot of surprises ahead, as that's what Madame X herself said after the initial meltdown over the theater tour: "Madame likes to try new things.................this tour is only the beginning................."
  8. I wonder if Madonna is giving other interviews to the gay press. The July issue of Attitude was just released, but nothing on Madonna. Nothing in the June/July issue of Out either.
  9. Same here. The 18-track version included in the box set will be my maiden voyage to the land of Madame X. I think it’s important to begin the journey by listening to the record as it is. After a few listens, I just choose my favorites and make my own playlist. For after all, even Madonna tends to have some unbearable songs on her albums. My favorite Rebel Heart song is Messiah, so for me the main version of the album is the deluxe version.
  10. That is so nice to hear. Back here in Finland they did a scientific study on cassettes and what they used to mean to people. The researchers asked people to send personal stories on cassettes. So I sent one where I write about Easter 1989 and driving to the nearest city with my parents (in our horrible old car) just to buy the Like a Prayer album on cassette. I still remember the excitement when I got home, smelled the patchouli and started playing the tape with my yellow double deck player. I guess it’s memories like these the marketing people are riding on now, trying to sell us cassettes again. Well, I certainly can’t seem to avoid the temptation.
  11. My very first Madonna record was the You Can Dance cassette back in 1987, and most of my early Madonna memories are tied to cassettes. So I’m kind of enjoying this revival of poor sound quality and having to press forward/rewind to find your favorite track. I’m definitely getting this one too.
  12. Many of the songs have been kind of slow-growers for me, but I've learned to love them a lot. I couldn't stand Medellín at first, but now it's just such a gem. On my "best of" playlist it fits lovely between La Isla Bonita and Holiday. I Rise with its powerful message is ringing in my head all the time, and Crave is like a warm caress. Future is all about the horns, which I love. I agree with @Rebel Heartbreaker about the vocoder and featuring artists, but somehow these songs indeed "rise above it all". I mean I barely notice Swae Lee in the Crave video as the messy 80's hair gets all my attention. Though I have to say that I love the Maluma collaborations for all the extramusical elements...
  13. Much better. Or at least as good as any Pride merchandise - put a flag in it and it's not just any old ball gag. Well, I'm getting this anyway.
  14. Thanks a lot for the translation. This is what I'm most excited about the new album, all the world music influences that bring new layers and depth to her music. I appreciate it much more than just getting another disco/dance album. Though I'm very much looking forward to the disco banger as well.
  15. Such a beautiful video. I love the way New York is portrayed in it, taking us back to the beginning of her career when Madonna got the Madame X name. We know she hates nostalgia, so It's always great when she's referencing to her earlier stuff, in this case the Borderline video with the rooftop kissing scene. The Medellín video was also very reference heavy (Like a virgin, Erotica etc.). The message seems to be that Madame X travels the world with a lot of baggage, never forgetting where she's coming from. She looks so sincere, sexy and beautiful in the video. If the heart is a lonely hunter, Madame X is a hot cat among the pigeons. Douze Points!
  16. Yesterday I too started to feel that I'm now officially over the Post-Eurovision Depression. I think it was necessary at least for me to vent the disappointment just to get over it. It's funny but the same thing happened to me with Medellín. First I absolutely hated the track and trashed it in my mind until I was able to let go of all my previous expectations and enjoy the track as it is - a different kind of first single from Madonna. Now I can't get enough of it (or Maluma in the video ). So I think it's important to deal with the initial disappointment just to be able to move on. Same goes for Eurovision. Now I'm feeling super excited again - about the album and the Crave video, and I Rise has become a real earworm. During my 30+ years as a Madonna fan I've experienced so many backlashes that I've learned to trust the fact that it's only Madonna who decides when her career is over - not the haters.
  17. My thoughts exactly! These past days have brought to mind the Erotica period when she also received massive negative attention. I really felt bad for Madonna watching LAP as I know how much effort she puts into everything she does. I was also looking forward to a new Superbowl, but things went wrong, and now she receives a beating. It's funny how these kind of disappointments still get to you, even after all these years. I think we've just all invested so much in her emotionally that her partial failure (Future was impressive) feels like a personal disappointment. And of course all the hatred affects us too. The blatant sexism and the "old and desperate" story line is the worst - and it's also ridiculous considering that people were calling her that already during the Erotica period... I don't know what would be the best damage control strategy here. After the fall at the Brits I was expecting some kind of funny video from Madonna, making jokes about it. But she really doesn't do that - she didn't even want to see the fall afterwards. Humor could help, though, but I think it's too much to ask from her at this point. Well, she will rise above it as always. "Freedom's what you choose to do with what's been done to you."
  18. I have the same problem. I'm a legacy member, too. Oh what mess!
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