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  1. It’s so fascinating to hear Madonna talk so honestly about all these old tracks. I just can’t get enough of it. I love what she said about True Blue.
  2. The only change I’ve made is that Come Alive comes before Faz Gostoso. I love how the other one ends with “come alive, come alive” and the other one starts “come baby come”. Other than that, I think the original sequencing is perfect.
  3. You could see that she was back home and felt at ease. I love that she was a bit crazy at times and that she explained the songs in detail. I had also been wondering which tracks came first, and now that we know, it’s only logical that Killers Who Are Partying was the first one. No wonder the record became so political. All in all, a lovely in-depth interview. It was definitely the rosé talking when she kept saying “she just won’t shut up”. Maybe not entirely funny but classic Madonna.
  4. A funny interview, but not much substance. They are great together though, and Madonna was just radiant and very relaxed.
  5. Exactly. I find this discussion very disturbing. By being political and not sucking up to anyone Madonna is honoring the very essence of Pride. It's not just about making people feel happy, it's also about fighting back. That is also our duty because not everyone has the right to march and party afterwards. It's a privilege that we've fought for and we still have to fight for it. If Madonna indeed will sing these songs, she's merely expressing this and honoring the true legacy of Stonewall.
  6. I find this song a bit repetitive, but it’s growing on me. The accordion adds a nice touch.
  7. I don’t have anything against Future and I Rise. They are both great songs, and I don’t get the hate at all. Also, we haven’t even seen the performance yet so have some faith in her.
  8. So excited. Madonna is yet again her own muse, referencing to many of her previous videos, especially to Deeper and Deeper. That video had an eerie quality to it, with the crazy cult leader and all, but God Control seems to take things to whole new level with the club shooting. I'm glad she has the balls for this, it's like a long overdue resurrection of the original American Life video.
  9. My favorite Madonna interview in YEARS as the interviewer really knows her craft. The most insightful bit IMO is the one where they discuss Madonna being her own muse now. That explains why she's suddenly referencing so much to her own body of work. Before this, Madonna has not been that nostalgic, always preferring to move forward instead of looking back. I love it how she's now embracing and indeed reinventing her previous personas and videos while she's exploring uncharted territory, like she says. So it's because she's all alone now, with most of her peers dead. This brings even more depth to this great era.
  10. Yet another powerful song – Madame X is really delivering the goods. This is also very chant-like in the chorus. It just keeps building up without getting repetitive. Pure magic, including the vocals.
  11. It’s such a powerful song, like Easy Ride part 2. There’s so much depth in the lyrics, and her delivery is touching. Many songs on this album have a chant-like quality, and here it’s all about the “life is a circle” part. It gives me goosebumps every time.
  12. For me this is THE party banger on the album. It’s insanely catchy and makes me so happy every time I hear it.
  13. I'm so glad you mentioned this. So I'm not the only one who thought about old political songs.
  14. This track is both gorgeous and devastating. It really shakes me up and is probably her most painful lyric to date. I hate it when reviewers criticize her by saying that a privileged white woman shouldn't steal minority agendas. How cynical can one be? This song stems from common pain that we all share, regardless of wealth or color. Something about Killers reminds me of the political songs of the 70's, especially those from Latin America. That's probably just a coincidence but for all these reasons this if one of the tracks I cherish the most on this album.
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