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    I do mashup remixes, production, editing for X-Mix (a DJ-service promo company) and play piano by ear.
  1. DJ Irene Remix (4:11) Nick Bertossi Club Mix (7:00) new US mixes just promo'd out -- not technically "released" in the official sense, but what I think is that the US promoter/A&R guy is hoping this one final "push" of new mixes will be enough to lift the single to #1 on next week's Billboard club chart, since this week it was held off from the top-spot by Andy Grammer "Honey I'm Good" disappointingly
  2. Bojan = best remix of the bunch BY FAR!!! I love everything about it (except the slower tempo, haha) btw, in case any DJ's or remixers wanna take a stab at doing something with this song, here's an acapella: https://soundcloud.com/djmichaelangelo/madonna-sander
  3. Incorrect. You'd need a pretty expensive printer (?) or CD-ROM etching drive to faithfully reproduce the disc lettering, along with a painstaking eye for detail that most sloppy bootleggers don't have.
  4. I'm not sure what others are out there - I do see plenty of fakes and fan-made bootleg CD-R's on eBay though :\ I'm not sure about the front cover art or its details....the less I look at that ghastly design the better
  5. I know right? Only die-hard fans & collectors would pay that much -- you're probably better off not buying one
  6. yessir I actually have a few out-of-state DJ friends and trading partners I sell for (their leftover stock) it's how I got one of the Ghosttown promo CD's -- now THAT was a goldmine! hehe
  7. *facepalm* I only pointed it out 5-6 times in the auction text, yes they are hehe
  8. I have a few copies up for sale on eBay, in case anyone's interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bitch-Im-Madonna-official-US-promo-CD-single-10-trk-remixes-AUTHENTIC-/291512030956?
  9. This kind of scattered, helter-skelter approach to song production makes me think back to the days where an entire album (not just a song) could be recorded in 1-2 days. Granted this was decades ago *lol* But they'd book the studio time, get a band together, come up with the songs right on the spot there sometimes, and lay down all the tracks in just a few takes, at a budget of just a few grand, not millions. Obviously, at artist like Madonna isn't capable of such simplicity - I don't think anyone is anymore. But just some food for thought "Axwell wrote the track for 'Rain On Me'. All t
  10. already did actually! *lol* are there other contests other than just the one that remixer "Thrill" had? I finally found his FB pages: http://www.facebook.com/IAMTHRILL and http://www.facebook.com/IAMJOSHHILL just now
  11. I've tried quite a few online (free) watermarking tools, for pictures, and the best & easiest one by far is this: http://www.picturetopeople.org/image_utilities/watermark/online_digital_watermark_text.html -- I've used it many times on eBay auctions for new and/or rare CD's where I don't want anyone else stealing my images *lol* It was this auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MADONNA-GHOSTTOWN-GHOST-TOWN-THE-REMIXES-MIKE-CRUZ-OFFER-NISSIM-/121667464623 right? The asking price was $499.99 but I wonder what the offer was that he accepted? I love his flippant attitude in the description *lol*
  12. nice! did you win a contest, or is he a friend of yours? as luck would have it, I just received one copy today myself from a fellow DJ, and I'll probably put it up on eBay tomorrow (unless of course anyone reading this board wants to private message me an offer)
  13. I'm replying to my own info here *lol* Has anyone actually seen what this US promo CD single looks like or have any .jpg scans of it? I'm checking Discogs & eBay and neither one has it (a lot of fan-made bootleg discs are cluttering up the marketplace though I see, yuck). I have yet to even confirm what order the tracklisting is in, or if it's a silver-backed CD like "Living For Love" or just a limited-pressing CD-R like many promos are nowadays. Anyone have any pictures of this supposed item?
  14. Good news and bad news. There is actually a US promo CD single for "Ghosttown" with 12 tracks (including the 2 previous Tidal exclusives) however it was only mailed to Billboard reporters, and I'm told just 300 copies were printed. They're literally shipping only ONE copy to each DJ on the BB panel, which will make this an extremely expensive collectors item, if any even turn up on eBay. https://instagram.com/p/2KfIRci0-I/
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