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  1. wishing everyone a merry christmas & happy new year

    1. spotlight


      Same to u dear💚

    2. char


      thanks so much for following me. hope you have a good evening & rest of the week. :smooch:

  2. October is breast cancer awareness month. We're painting our pumpkins pink. 

  3. praying for impeachment of trump & pence 

  4. Am i the only one very sad and mad at the election results. Hope they have a recount or impeach donald trump. Our entire family voted for Hillary. And she should've won it.
  5. the video was awesome i'm spechless. Its so perfect. She could'nt have done it any better. JMO. and no 21 year old girl can compare to her beauty. thanks dubtronic.
  6. I really thought it was going to be released on tidal today. Does anyone know cause if it is. I can't wait i may have to buy tidal Hi Fi and watch it. I'm impatient. when i want something i want it yesturday.
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