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  1. HQ Photos Thread

    thanks so much loving this shoot.Hope you have a merry christmas.
  2. HQ Photos Thread

    Does anyone have any of these by peter lindbergh. Merry christmas to all. then these two
  3. HQ Photos Thread

    i hope we get more photos with christmas coming up. Thanks to all that have contributed to this topic.
  4. HQ Photos Thread

    thanks ever so much @madonnarandd
  5. HQ Photos Thread

    thanks so much for all the HQ photos posted. Does anyone have these 2 in HQ.
  6. Madonna's Hair 2017

    Of course i love the 90's by meisel. but i'm really loving her hair in this one. Something about the straight hair i love it.
  7. thanks to allaboutmadonna.com
  8. HQ Photos Thread

    wow thanks ever so much to all that contributed loving these
  9. I really wish she hadn't married guy. i can't believe how mean someone can be til you read it in black & white.
  10. I love the look with the braids. Her face seriously is so beautiful she could go with a super short hair cut. her face is seriously beyond perfection. I'm a eyebrow person. Loving her eyebrows.
  11. Madonna - love her in colour

    exactly my favorite one of madonna's looks. there's so many i love but this is at the top of the list. credit to original person who posted this photo. yes i love yellow on her.
  12. Actually i didn't know it but all eyebrows are sisters none are exactly alike. A Makeup artist told me this. Cause i didn't understand why there's so many women that have such beautiful arches on one eyebrow and the other doesn't match. The only way to make them match is they have to literally draw them on. So she's still perfect IMO
  13. Am i the only one very sad and mad at the election results. Hope they have a recount or impeach donald trump. Our entire family voted for Hillary. And she should've won it.
  14. thanks ever so for the 2gb file of rain b-roll. I hope they at least release just the part of JML backdrop outtakes of her licking the cigar. The rain and vogue video i'm literally shaking its so beautiful. She looks absolutely beautiful in both vogue-broll is my favorite. Thanks to whoever shared it. what precious gems
  15. Lloyds of Hollywood. Has a full frontal nude shot of him. If anyone interested in it. I saw it. Full frontal nudity. I didn't want it. Its not i'm a prude. Its just i love his eyes. And i'm more of a romantic person. But i don't judge anyone else. if they do like frontal nudity. I can't believe he's voging. If anyone see's the new magic mike please let me know if its good as the first one. I'm dying to see it.http://www.ebay.com/itm/CHANNING-TATUM-PRE-MAGIC-MIKE-BEEFCAKE-HUNK-FULL-FRONTAL-PHOTOGRAPH-/381289190046?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58c69b529e your in luck its not covered. Enjoy