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  1. Is her current facebook quote from Ghandi refering to her snub?
  2. 1.Rebel Heart 2.Ray of Light 3.Like a Prayer 4.Music 5.Bedtime Stories 6.American Life 7.Erotica 8.Hard Candy 9.MDNA 10.COAD *I don't feel right ranking her early albums since I rarely listen to them,just the hits
  3. Ghosttown Joan of Arc (acoustic) Living For Love Devil Pray Holy Water BIM(Diplo Mix) Best Night VVV Iconic Hold Tight Inside Out Borrowed Time Rebel Heart If this would have been a standard,solid 10-13 track album,I think it would have received the same critical acclaim as ROL But who cares,more is more
  4. Voted BS but I still adore CS I hope Body Shop gets a FULL performance
  5. 1.Living For Love 2.Ghosttown 3.Best Night 4.Iconic 5.Joan of Arc *Iconic was at the bottom of list when album first came out...
  6. It was Piece of Me,2008 Vmas was basically a Britney pity party
  7. Bedtime Stories,Ray of Light and Music all received Pop Album nods...COAD won Best Dance Album,I can see another nom for Pop Album again
  8. I'm watching Kelly and Michael right now and Kelly Ripa has pink hair...is she channeling M
  9. Regardless if it becomes a summer hit or not,this has been one of the most memorable eras!And the tour hasn't even started... What were Aretha,Diana,Tina, etc doing in their 3rd decade?Constantly relying on mostly old hits to perform over and over again, Madonna keeps blessing us with new and fresh music!She's eternal
  10. EDC is happening in Vegas next 3 days,would love it if she came here! Live Earth is suppose to be sooon
  11. Rebel Heart would make a perfect last single...the video could just be a simple footage of her performing the song with a guitar + clips of ALL her past videos,would go well with the lyrics Although Best Night and VVV are my most played songs and Joan of Arc deserves a spotlight too
  12. First time hearing about SCORE(demo) so thanks!Its so cheeeesy yet I can't stop listening to it
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