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  1. I just like the RHT Like A Virgin. But I'm glad I could gift the Queen $70 lol
  2. Well I hope I got everything. I did the happy birthday to me madonna dot com $69 gift set. Lol I liked the girl shirt better but oh well. I'm always stuck on that damn cross. Im confused now tho. Like...I want that double cd. Everything's so messy with her.
  3. Id rather never know what day it is for the rest of my life.
  4. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I finally got MDNA for $60 sealed. A lot but I've seen worse. Hard Candy is the only studio album I need on vinyl. Celebration is just too expensive at the moment. Lol
  5. Cool Setlist, looked like the QUEEN she is and that energy. She's doing what she loves to do and it shows. Amazing!
  6. I have the same feeling and it's not just me desiring it. Like...it feels real. But like Queen said, time will tell. But time goes by...so slowly.
  7. He won't get 8. If he does, nothing will ever make sense again. Lol
  8. Everything he knocks down will be picked back up again and soon. He won't last 4 years.
  9. 1. Swim 2. I'll Remember 3. Ghosttown Honestly, it doesn't matter. I just need to hear her again!!
  10. I'm getting texts from good friends and random friends asking if I've heard the new Madonna song yet. "We know you have. Shocked you haven't posted it yet!" ...I'm, for once, legit confused on how to respond. It's crazy tho. Ya put something up with no promo on digital platforms and BAM, people find out somehow. Interesting, at least.
  11. I wanna play!!! If cool, I'll think on this tonight and send in rates tomorrow. 😉
  12. Falling Free

    This song moves me tremendously and is one of the very few songs that will make me cry softly by its end. It gives me chills every time I play it.
  13. What do we think about her working with Stuart Price again? I really haven't paid much attention to him since Confessions so I'm unsure what he's doing these days.