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  1. It's pain but lol cuz you can "hear it" either way. I think I'm the only person on earth who finds "Graffiti Heart" to be the best song on the entire album. It's my absolute favorite song, a total perfect sing along song and it makes me happy. My top three: Graffiti Heart Beautiful Scars Messiah. So yea good thing I like the whole album otherwise the tour could sadden me. Lol
  2. As much as I adore the song, it's almost a shame Queen leaked. Could you imagine how utterly gasp inducing if that was the last song on the final Madonna album? It would multiply it's haunting vibe by a million. Idk if Madonna would allow it (lol) but what a way for the eternal queen of pop to end her final album.
  3. Queen is one of my all time favorite songs period. By the time that voice comes on at the end, I'm covered in chills.
  4. Here's this longtime fans thoughts.....and I say this with love, kisses and all things good!! This is a video for a song called Bitch, I'm Madonna. This song is a ridiculous silly jam that's centered for a party and nothing more. Deeper and Deeper had a much "deeper" meaning and it's video was what it was and it was great. I'm A huge fan of BIM but it's cheap shots at the dollar strip bar and the video represents that ridiculousness. So, I love it for that alone. I love seeing these pop bitches give praise to The Queen in the cameos, love seeing Madonna looking sexy as hell and hopefully soon we will all see the ending lol. It's never going to be my favorite video but it's fine for the song it represents.
  5. I need this video in my life and ass like Mariah needs Cheetos and a triple Chalupa from Taco Bell. I'm thirsty!!!!
  6. My top 6 and it's always hard to rank Madonnas albums as I love them all for various reasons. 6.Confessions On A Dancefloor 5. Like A Prayer 4. Erotica 3. Rebel Heart 2. Ray Of Light 1. American Life
  7. A bit of a rant so bare with me Radio owes Madonna at least one more hit and why not make that hit "Bitch I'm Madonna"? For decades, Madonna (among a few other artists) gave pop radio their golden years. Back in the day, the only way to hear a new Madonna single was to turn up the radio! I remember as a kid reading a magazine and there was an article saying Madonna's follow up to Erotica was coming ....something called Bedtime Stories...and a new single Secret would hit radio within the next few weeks. So, I waited ONE week and then on out, I kept my radio on 24/7 on the hottest pop station we had. I knew it didn't matter what her new sound sounded like, I'd know it was Madonna. About 3 weeks later, I was riding with my dad to the store, radio on, and BAM. "Things haven't been the same...." And I went OMG, it's new Madonna!!! I turned it up and fell in love all over again. I wouldn't have had that radio bumping all those weeks except for the fact I wanted to hear Madonna! Times change, tastes change, that's ok. Radio and music has changed for the worst in my opinion....but very few artists can say they singlehandedly helped radio ratings for years and years. Madonna can. Popular radio literally plays the same songs every 30-40 minutes...just as Madonna called out years ago in Hollywood. Not all of these songs are requested. Why would anyone have to request a song they know will be played again in the blink of an eye? Radio CAN play new Madonna. They choose not to. But I say, give her one more. She's more than earned it....in fact, YOU owe it to HER. So, for those reasons, I say "Radio, play Bitch I'm Madonna. Make it a hit. Because if not for her...what would you have played thru the 80's and 90's? She got YOU thru some dry spells....return the favor for once!" Thanks for letting me get that off my ass
  8. I got that boom boom pow!

  9. I got that boom boom pow!

  10. Because popular radio is the biggest hyprocrite of them ALL!
  11. I don't listen to mainstream current pop radio stations here in America. I mainly listen to my iTunes or Sirius satellite radio. Was curious....can the word "bitch" be said in a song on American radio or would it be bleeped? That's such a main part of the song so I was wondering. Also I'd love it if this song became the surprise hit from the album. There's so many good songs on it but radio won't play them because it's Madonna, apparently. So it would be a strange ironic justice if they played the one song where she says "IM Madonna!" Lol
  12. It totally makes sense for her to do Bitch I'm Madonna tonight because she's on that FUN MDolla kick, the show is so energized. I get it and I approve of the choice. Now, I'm on a commercial "Madonna performs next!" Let's do this Thang!!!!
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