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  1. 5. God Control 4. Crave 3. Dark Ballet 2. I Dont Search I Find 1. Come Alive This changes all the time because I find the album is flawless. I love all songs here.
  2. Crave Come Alive God Control Batuka I Dont Search I Find Honestly all of them are winners to me. I'm shocked at how satisfied I am!!! The only song I didnt care for at first was Future but even its growing on me.
  3. She was doing this when nobody was and she has stayed consistent about her fight for 35 years! More people need to see this...especially the children who weren't there and think they know everything!
  4. It won't be long now. I haven't read anything official but I'll guess at the opening song. I predict it will be God Control. Although Dark Ballet could be an interesting opener. But this is PRIDE so I'm going with God Control.
  5. I'm getting those old school little boy excited feelings like back in the day!!!!! This album and era has reminded me so much of the older days and its carried thru to this performance as well. I am SO ready!!! And HAPPY PRIDE!
  6. She is one of my fave people. We have been friends for about a year now and she is hardcore so I glad she made it. Not surprised! Haha All I can think of as I see the clouds and hear the wind is...... "Behold. I am coming soon!" Tonight is going to be AMAZING.
  7. Because SKIN slays. But yes to American Life!!!!! This is going to be massive.
  8. At this current moment.... Dark Ballet Crave Come Alive Looking For Mercy I Dont Search I Find And Batuka lol
  9. It is absolutely the catchiest song on the album to me. it sticks in my head and sounds both nostalgic but new and exciting. A personal FAVE!
  10. Loca is LOCA and its FUN! This isnt an album. It is an adventure.
  11. Omg well I've heard it in full and the entire thing us just Heaven in sound. The last minute is PERFECT...the entire song is perfection. Everything is perfection. This is the album I was hoping she was making!!!!!!!
  12. Yea I missed the link to this one when it was out. Cant WAIT to finally hear this ..and yes I have about 9 different versions of the album coming so I've paid for it. Lol
  13. Oh I hope someone will post this for a boy in the USA!!!!
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