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  1. This song moves me tremendously and is one of the very few songs that will make me cry softly by its end. It gives me chills every time I play it.
  2. What do we think about her working with Stuart Price again? I really haven't paid much attention to him since Confessions so I'm unsure what he's doing these days.
  3. They may not have done anything chart wise but GT was one of the best things to come from a Madonna album in years. Ive never liked LFL. Im talking about for one of her final albums....or perhaps her absolute final album, it would be cool to revisit Pat Leonard for one more collaboration. They have a unique sound when they work together. I personally love it.
  4. This is what I'm aching for! Even just one more studio session with Patrick Leonard, just one more song and my prayers will be answered. He's down too as he's mentioned over the years.
  5. So will Mariah's new album with Epic be a brand new sludge through Christmas or a true album? She should probably save time and just do an album of covers honestly. She would have better chances of a "hit" with material already tried out!
  6. Mariah should take notes! Ms Jackson just got PAID. Janet should've waited just a few months before announcing that fakenancy but at least she has money to spare on some kid to show up in pics with her for 17 years at least.
  7. One of the best songs and videos of her career decades into her career!
  8. Confessions Of A Babylonian Whore 😂🍭💙
  9. Hate it. Generic typical blah blah. I'm open EVERYTIME she releases new stuff but I never enjoy it.
  10. Waiting is the gift that keeps on giving!!!!! It's one of my fave songs from anybody ever!!
  11. The Dallas and Atlanta stops on Ticketmaster had lower level seating in the 100's at $230 per ticket. Seems a bit excessive. Then for fun I checked places like stubhub, etc and the same sections were going for like $500-$1000. It's shocking! The demand could be higher this time than the past two tours but if secondary markets have so many tickets at truly ridiculous prices while announcements everywhere call it "a complete sold out tour", she's really hurting herself big time. Some people may not even try looking and if they do, they won't spend that damn much. Her team is usually real smart (or great cheaters depending on how ya look at it lol) but this "plan" is flawed. The chance she really could possibly sell out some arenas, they kill it with multiple stadium dates and this scalping fiasco. I go to shows all the time and have forever and this situation seems really odd.
  12. If you or anyone is out and about in their respective communities across the globe and finds one, not only will they have the eternal love of a very happy boy, I pay good too. 🤘🏻😜
  13. Omg! I'm envious. There's some around still sealed but who knows if it still has the scent. If you ever need extra space, I'll take one of those off your hands. Lol.
  14. I wish I could find a copy of Like A Prayer that still has the perfume scent in it. Doesn't even matter if it's on cassette! However, I imagine that smell is long gone. My first copy of it back when it was released had it and I loved it!!
  15. You know he thinks that's sexy. He's like "I got those lower lines y'all love". No honey, you got bent dents, calm it down!