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  1. So will Mariah's new album with Epic be a brand new sludge through Christmas or a true album? She should probably save time and just do an album of covers honestly. She would have better chances of a "hit" with material already tried out!
  2. Mariah should take notes! Ms Jackson just got PAID. Janet should've waited just a few months before announcing that fakenancy but at least she has money to spare on some kid to show up in pics with her for 17 years at least.
  3. Hate it. Generic typical blah blah. I'm open EVERYTIME she releases new stuff but I never enjoy it.
  4. The Dallas and Atlanta stops on Ticketmaster had lower level seating in the 100's at $230 per ticket. Seems a bit excessive. Then for fun I checked places like stubhub, etc and the same sections were going for like $500-$1000. It's shocking! The demand could be higher this time than the past two tours but if secondary markets have so many tickets at truly ridiculous prices while announcements everywhere call it "a complete sold out tour", she's really hurting herself big time. Some people may not even try looking and if they do, they won't spend that damn much. Her team is usually real smart (or great cheaters depending on how ya look at it lol) but this "plan" is flawed. The chance she really could possibly sell out some arenas, they kill it with multiple stadium dates and this scalping fiasco. I go to shows all the time and have forever and this situation seems really odd.
  5. You know he thinks that's sexy. He's like "I got those lower lines y'all love". No honey, you got bent dents, calm it down!
  6. Well, I like the song "Joanne" and "Sinners Prayer" has a groove to it I don't mind but that's as far as I'm going. Honestly, if it wasn't for the personality and her truly insane and uneducated teen fanbase, she very well could have something. Something! At times I'm not sure who's worse...her or those fans. They don't seem to grow up mentally either.
  7. I've missed THIS woman for a long time now. This song, Anytime You Need A Friend, Can't Let Go were a few of my favorites way back when. Sure, she's an impossible to not stare at pile of ridiculousness these days which can be fun but man oh man, it's a shame about that voice. Once she headed over to Janet's School of Whispering With Class, it's been an unfortunate time.
  8. LMAO. That's even funnier than it sounds because it's actually possible in her world. 😂
  9. There's still like 3 more "surprise" dive bar shows to go. Wonder where Jolene will flail around next.
  10. The snippets sound troublesome but I am digging Sinners Prayer tho. Dammit. But yea I'm sure Million Reasons will now be the second single but she won't release a video until January so it'll lose all its potential before it's truly started. She oftentimes has a unique gift of destroying her own success. Lol.
  11. Red and Blue. What kind of boring half assed patriotism. 😜
  12. The "fan exclusive" preorder is going on now and the prices are wild. A shirt and cd runs $49.99. A cd with a crop top? $59.99. All those monsters running around in pink hats and crop tops? Priceless.
  13. If I knew this person I would never stop punching him.
  14. That old lady has a handful of Gaga loving videos. I think she even made one for Judas!
  15. When I saw the new pics, there wasn't any difference in how she looks now than any other time she puts on a fairly massive amount of weight. Either she's been pregnant between each album or MJ was right and Janet loves to eat. I'm not hating but she's a Hefty Hideaway Model more often than not. Just sayin.