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  1. James0479

    Marilyn Manson thread

    I've seen Manson 5 times and I find Antichrist the best rock album of all time. I hated Eat Me Drink Me but love the rest.
  2. James0479

    Marilyn Manson thread

    1. Antichrist Superstar 2. Born Villain 3. Mechanical Animals 4. Portrait Of An American Family 5. The Golden Age Of Grotesque 6. Heaven Upside Down 7. Holy Wood 8. The Pale Emperor 9. The High End Of Low 10. Eat me Drink me
  3. James0479

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He's a good old white boy and he's as tired as I was watching him parade around for what felt like 30 minutes last night. Hated it and especially hated his Prince "tribute".
  4. James0479

    Your top albums of 2017

    My top 3: 3. Beautiful Trauma- Pink 2. Fake Sugar- Beth Ditto 1. Change- Cindy Wilson
  5. James0479

    Years and Years

    It is what it is, my friend. I understand.
  6. James0479

    Years and Years

    This exactly!!! "Very between album soundtrack song" is a great description. It's a good song and a nice addition to what we already have. I notice every few weeks I'm on YouTube watching the same 5 Years & Years music videos over and over again. There's 5 that just blow me away. I'm still hooked on Worship lol. Communion remains one of my favorite albums in a long long time and having so many visuals accompany most of the tracks adds to it. I love these guys!
  7. James0479


    I was invited to the ATL show and was unable to go due to illness and I'll never forgive my body for that!!! His final show. Man.
  8. James0479

    Ace of Base topic

    Exactly! I love both versions actually. Always purchased the "American" albums from a local record store (remember those!) and what I called the "real" versions in import form.
  9. James0479

    Ace of Base topic

    Loooove them. Travel To Romantis was always a favorite of mine!!
  10. James0479

    Years and Years

    He's sooooo cute and totally a bottom which works fine for me lol. But seriously, I love his voice and that album STILL gets regular play from me. I'm ready for some new music and hope their next album holds up!
  11. James0479

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I still don't care for the new song. As for him sexually....Id let him justify my love but I'm not Waiting for it, if ya know what I mean.
  12. Yea you can tell Cissy wasn't and wouldn't be a big basket of fun. Geez
  13. I'd take a personalized MJ autograph on a poster regardless if it seemed a little egotistical on his end. That's eventual cash in the bank if I wanted to sell it one day lol
  14. James0479


    I heard somewhere she was a distant ancestor of Lola Leon that wrote Charlotte's Web or something.
  15. It's pain but lol cuz you can "hear it" either way. I think I'm the only person on earth who finds "Graffiti Heart" to be the best song on the entire album. It's my absolute favorite song, a total perfect sing along song and it makes me happy. My top three: Graffiti Heart Beautiful Scars Messiah. So yea good thing I like the whole album otherwise the tour could sadden me. Lol