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  1. Madonna is working on new music.

    Prayers for ur comment ! Lets this be true....
  2. Madonna is working on new music.

    Dont you ever get tired of'Claiming' your points of view ? I guess a lot of us here do....#tiresome
  3. Madonna’s Instagram

    I think this is at her home in Lisbon....
  4. Madonna’s Instagram

    Looks like it yeah...#praying
  5. Madonna’s Instagram

    3-2-1-..............lets start
  6. Madonna’s Instagram

    My god, already meltdowns and conspiracy theories? Come on .....
  7. Madonna’s Instagram

    Speak for urself please !
  8. Madonna’s Instagram

    I would say; M, go for inspiration, creativity and spirit. There is no competition. Fact.
  9. Gone Girl, good riddance I say. Her 5 min ar long overdue...
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Can we move on in a more positive vibe, and explore what is ahead of us......