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  1. Absolutely. Also now more than ever, when she said "fuck it!", it sounded too damn credible. Madame X is the Madonna we need.
  2. American Life was soooo good! I can't believe she made me fall in love with this song all over again!
  3. "Confirmed"? Yeah I have that press release right here. Seriously though, she had something done to her derriere since the MDNA era, before the tour. However some Madonnaologists would argue that S&ST's butt was already enhanced. I personally think MDNAT was the start of that trend though.
  4. Much like the fillers in her face, her butt implant looks great when she is lean. When she gains weight during the off period that's when these augmentations look "botched" as some put it. She looks incredible though, especially in the last 2-3 months. She defies the laws of physics.
  5. I think Madonna is wearing that Versace robe after reading the diaper comments from some of yall.
  6. Yes. To me it is starting to feel like everything after American Life and before Madame X was a digression, a wonderful raging and powerful divergence from her artistic path, but she is back on track now with the knowledge and wisdom acquired from those years. I know Confessions is a dearly loved album and period but Madame X is the true heir and successor to the Veronica Electronica era.
  7. Secret Project anyone? Her heart was clearly in the right place then, but her medium of delivery was not yet perfected. Madame X is that perfection that she has honed and refined for a new era.
  8. I don't think it is pretentious in this case. She - The most successful female artist of all time, and more importantly a mother of 6 children - clearly gives no shits and is using her platform for good. To the point that the song itself was butchered by the violence it is attempting to highlight. God Control (Song) is a victim of Gun Violence ("Irony"- Madonna). This is the self aware work of an artist at the peak of their powers, exemplifying a mastery over their craft. As I said earlier, when she said she is "over this pop star shit" on instagram, she definitely meant it in light of this video. I'm so proud of her and her heart, it's all in this album. All in. <3333333
  9. If you look at the order of things. Discodonna is looking at Gun Violence on TV, ignores it and carries on with her day. Discodonna gets mugged with gun, ignores it and carries on with her day. Discodonna dies at the Disco due to Gun Violence. If Discodonna did not ignore the problem, if only she woke up. She maybe could've avoided the deaths at the Disco. This is why the chronological order of the video has been reversed. It's not enough to know that Gun Violence is happening, it's important to note that bad things happen when good people do nothing at all. Wake up! We are all Discodonna, but we need to be more like Madame X.
  10. When she said she is "over this pop star" shit, she meant fucking meant it!
  11. She fucking went there, she's all in! EPIC! FUCKINGEPIC!
  12. Excellent interview! I didn't like that she was reluctant to make the last 3 records. It's like saying I was reluctant to have your kid. I love HC, MDNA, and RH.
  13. Is it me or does she look older here than now? The way she looks in the last month or so is just so incredible. She hasn't looked this good since Confessions!
  14. Great interview, but this part sticks out like a sore thumb. Madonna herself is not immune the very thing she is criticizing. This does not necessarily discredit her point of view, but it makes statements as such "I want to celebrate all forms of beauty, not just one" come off as hypocritical, especially in light of the butt implants.
  15. Of course. It gets worse if she is in front of an audience of her peers (See her hands shaking during Sooner or Later at the Oscars for example). This is one of many reasons why she is my hero. Her struggle with anxiety, and ultimately her perseverance in spite of it inspires me everyday. As a performer, she is most comfortable around her fans.
  16. The bridge of God Control is one of the best put to a record. It comes out of nowhere and it is all kinds of perfect. So much so that once is more than enough yet it keeps you coming back for more.
  18. Madame X 9.5/10 Rebel Heart 8/10 Hard Candy 8/10 MDNA 6.5/10
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