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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    RiRi's "love on the brain" is an amazing love song.. it delivers everything that M's latest effort hasn't... to be honest!
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    she has a new stylist...not with B or Arianna at the moment
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    none of us are looking at the bag man....chill out.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    New look from M and a new style team for hair and wardrobe...Eyob is the man behind all her cool colorful dresses lately and Nicola is hair. of course Aaron is still the man with her makeup.. he's a cool guy!!
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    i hope something new is brewing....new hair color, Guy visit...hmmm
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    past their bed time....
  7. Madonna Instagram Thread

    are they on a private plane?
  8. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    i think its pretty cool...nice one kim
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    man....she is sooo beautiful here...she's my sunshine!
  10. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    i know....they r family.. she would do anything to attend.
  11. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    its been awhile we see her stomach exposed...looking skinny n hot
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    both of them have been in nyc ever since she left for lisbon....so i don't think its man related?
  13. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    yeh... she's all family right now, no man ( i think)
  14. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    jesus doesn't look the same anymore, plus he has a baby girl now