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  1. I don't know about happiest, but i know about most peaceful and most beautiful... and the award goes to my city These two videos are breathtaking... You should consider visiting
  2. About that pic, I've always thought Guy was the one who wore the didlo thingy coz Madge is into DP
  3. Maybe she was punishing him for something he did that she didn't like
  4. So basically he's saying people should have sex only with the purpose of having children?? He has 4 children, so I assume he only had sex four times??!!! He used to be a southern baptist minister, so it's not shocking... WIKIPEDIA "Robertson's service as a minister has included the belief in the healing power of God. He has cautioned believers that some Protestant denominations may harbor the spirit of the Antichrist; prayed to deflect hurricanes; denounced Hinduism as "demonic" and Islam as "Satanic".Robertson has denounced left-wing views of feminism, activism regarding homosexuality, abortion and liberal college professors. Critics claim Robertson had business dealings in Africa with former presidents Charles Taylor of Liberia and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire who both had been internationally denounced for claims of human rights violations. Robertson was criticized worldwide for his call for Hugo Chávez’s assassination and for his remarks concerning Ariel Sharon's ill-health as an act of God." A person like this should not be given any credit.
  5. Wonder if they are gonna upload the videos in HD!!!!
  6. She was super thin in 2006, even in the grammys, so I would also say 2004 is more similar
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