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  1. I didn't get into any fight. I was actually criticizing the behaviour of some people here who are very hostile towards people who disagree with them.
  2. Isn't it? isn't it what forums are for actually? They're just giving their opinion, sharing their feelings and emotions about the latest news/rumours... no need to get into stupid fights like you're all katy perry fans or whatever... I'm assuming we're all grown ups
  3. Why can't people accept everyone's opinions? Jizz, no need to be comparing fans from this and that forum and saying your opinion is the one that matters and is the universal truth to everyone! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Stop being so fanatical!
  4. I don't know what to think anymore... there's just too much information all at a time. Don't know what to think about the songs she rehearsed. Till now, the only one that seems legit is La vie en rose, which I don't mind. I'm not that excited for Material Girl nor do I believe she is gonna present Holiday in that version if it's gonna be the closer.
  5. I was wondering the same... is he searching "#rebelhearttour" on Instagram? Who'd have thought?
  6. I'm so grateful for being born on Western Europe and yet I feel so bad for those who were born there... I would try to escape that country no matter what, it's gotta be frightening to live with all that insecurity about everything all the time. Hate religion!
  7. About that pic, I've always thought Guy was the one who wore the didlo thingy coz Madge is into DP
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