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  1. They hinted at Take A Bow and then nothing. Anyway, she was great during Dress You Up. So funny and her voice was awesome!
  2. BTW you're as cheap as your weave and as fake as your tits

  3. She's not promoting in the US, so I don't think Living For Love will break into the Billboard Hot 100
  4. Queen would be a perfect b-side for Ghosttown
  5. Heaven is one of my favourite songs from the Rebel Heart sessions. Has it leaked in 320 kbps?
  6. I don't really like Beautiful Scars. The album version is nice, though. Anyway, Addicted (Demo #1) is amazing!
  7. I hope she won't close the show. It doesn't matter if she's not the first one to perform Anyway, Living For Love is not easy to sing. If she's not prepared to sing it, I think she will lip sync
  8. I'd like her to look like when she attended The Great American Songbook event last year. She was so classy and reminded me a bit of her Ray Of Light era
  9. These songs could all be singles. I love them all! <3 This album is so good! Some of them were way better in their demo version (Joan Of Arc, Messiah, Wash All Over Me Demo #4 and Borrowed Time) but they still sound great to me
  10. I love this video, it's so brilliant and classy! A work of art. The only thing I don't like is the amount of airbrushing like in the MDNA Tour DVD: it's unnecessary. Can't wait to watch the HD video,maybe I'll appreciate it even more than now
  11. Rebel Heart, Messiah or Heartbreak City would be perfect. Maybe also Inside Out
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